a bunch of posts about SAMBers are being edited by "Anonymous-Editor."

Why? They are not even changing anything.

Anonymous-Editer is me. I've sort of explained some on my profile, but I'll do some more here. I am a SAMBer, and I'm not trying to be sneaky besides not displaying my SAMB name. The reason that this user is anoymous, is just to let this account simply be an editor.

See, I like to organize and catagorize, and make things work. When I edit stuff, I normally edit a lot at a time, so a bunch of "Bladada" edited by ______ stuff pops up. I don't know if you would mind, but I don't like having people associate their edits with me. Let's imagine that I was Aura, and a large quantity of posts now say "edited by Aura" on them. People now want to see what you changed, why you changed it, what you were doing, etc. Being anonymous lets people not freak out when they see my name, so they just know that I'm just an editor. I don't edit stuff personally, I'm just the person behind the scenes that sort of cleans up the wikia and makes stuff work efficiently. That's why I'm anonymous.

By the way, what I change and mess around with are links and catigories. I cross link and set up certain categories, simply to make people's lives easier. My changes aren't super noticable, but they help out behind the scenes.

Also, I normally write the summary of what I changed as "-" or something like that. This is to save me time since I make a lot of tiny edits, and don't have the time to type out a description of "added SAMBer link, added Generation link, added shipped link" every few minutes.

Does that clear up some stuff?

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