Whirlpool is a new SAMBer who joined the SAMB on the 31st of January 2017...which isn't really that long ago. (That's why she's still probably considered a newbie.)

On the SAMB, She is quite outgoing and literally laughs ALL THE TIME. This explains why she adds 'XD' add the end of EVERY POST.

She loves the SAMB because it distract her from her real life.

Although she seems loud and outgoing on the SAMB, irl, shes completely different.

Irl, she is a girl who laughs at everything because she is desperately trying to hide the fact that she is troubled and has minor anxiety. If she feels stressed or worried, she will lock herself in her room and try to handle it herself so she doesn't place the burden on others. She's has a real struggle when it comes to telling others her worries; Instead of telling others she would much rather convince herself that they are not important and that she's silly for ever thinking that someone would care.

This is where Dan and Phil come in.

Whirlpool discovered Dan and Phil via her friend a few years ago. She finds that watching them helps with her stress and takes her mind off the real world. (Also because they are just amazing people and are so funny.)

She TOTALLY doesn't have a thing for Dan and TOTALLY doesn't dream about meeting him one day...

And this is where her hobbies contribute.

Whirlpool, finds that writing stories that signify her own minor, minor (extremely minor) depression helps. The two stories she's writing now are all about death and no destruction and she once wrote a poem which she shared on SAMB about a loved one dying.

She also plays Alto Sax which she LOVES VERY VERY MUCH. She's a first chair Alto and plays in three bands.

Thus the birth of her flip side, Alto.

Alto is her Whirlpool's flip side. Alto resembles Whirlpool's love for Alto Sax which is why she can be seen as a little happier. Not that most people notice because whenever Alto speaks she arguing with Whirlpool.

Yeah that's basically Whirlpool-the girl who fantasises about a happier ending.

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