Whirlpool is a SAMBer who joined the SAMB on the 31st of January 2017...which isn't really that long ago.

On the SAMB, She is quite outgoing and literally laughs ALL THE TIME. This explains why she adds 'XD' add the end of EVERY POST.

Upon a recent discovery/reveal, Whirlpool is also a SECRET MERMAID.

Quotes Edit


Opinions/ thoughts about WarriorCats, just because. *may contain spoilers* Edit

-Dovewing and Lionblaze annoy the crap out of me

-Bluestar going insane was the best thing that happened to the series

-Pinestar is obviosly a supporter of divorced families

-The fact that Leopardstar is considered a bitch because she doesn't like ThunderClan says a lot about ThunderClan

-Badgerfang is honestly the best warrior cat name

-TigerClan was hilarious

-What sort of name is Frecklewish????

-Why don't WindClan queens name their kits Twokit or Threekit?

-Ever since Firestar became leader there have been a lot of kittypets who have joined ThunderClan. Now why could that be......

-Jayfeather and Stick are goals

Alto -------> Edit

Alto: Whirlpool's common sensed, half responsible, snobby, always exasperated flipside. Unlike most flipsides, she is capable of appearing while Whirlpool is still active.

She is the leader of the mer-cat gang (also being a secret mermaid) and can often be seen annoying the crap out of Whirlpool. They seem to disagree over everything, probably because Alto's personality is unreasonably complex.

Sometimes Alto and Whirlpool actually get along! But only because the mer-cats are being ridiculously stupid.

Her unreasonably complex personality Edit

-common sensed


-half responsible


-always seeming to be exasperated

Her font is purple.

The Mer-Cats (Mer-Cat gang) Edit

The mer-cat gang consists of 3 main members. They are all cats with mermaid tails.

Loyal Edit

The seeming leader of the cats, she has a deep brown pelt and has a very mocking personality. She is often seen mocking and teasing Alto and Whirlpool for their failures. Her font is gray.

Speckle Edit

Speckle is never really seen but when she does choose to appear, she is actually half-decent. Under the influence of Loyal however, she can be a little bitter. Her font is dark green.

Fish Edit

Fish is independent, snobby, ambitious, rude and very hard to control. She even annoys Loyal which is actually a really hard stunt to pull. Her font is yellow.

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