A war is a significant conflict within the Scholastic MBs. While there have been too many conflicts to count, only a few count as a true war.


In order to qualify as a war, all of the criteria below must apply to a conflict.

- the war and aftermath lasted for a week or more

- must have divided the majority of the MB(s) involved (may be defined by no less than four threads on the subject staying at the top or the majority of the threads being related to the war)

- must never have been stated to be an RP

- must have caused at least five people to either have been banned or leave

- must have changed the culture of at least one MB involved

Any conflict that DOES NOT meet all of these criteria is not a war. To find what kind of conflict it is and thus provide an accurate Wikia page, see Conflicts.

Examples of Wars Edit

Some wars that have taken place on the SAMB include

-The Catspirit War

-IR-SA/Randomness War

-Blizz War

-Shane War

Some wars that have involved the SAMB fighting with another mb include

-The Randomness War

Fights and Arguments Edit

- The Flash vs the Flash

- Seeker against Seeker