Waffle is a 1st gen SAMBer (if you don't count beta testing, I think.) She tends to be on a couple times a day (at least).

Personality Edit

Waffle is upbeat, and silly. She doesn't really get mad, and enjoys messing around.

Appearence Edit

she describes herself as light skinned, and tall with muddy blond hair and brown/hazel eyes.

Gang Edit

Stormy-a light blue alicorn with a bit darker mane.

Burnt Waffle- Waffle's dark(ish) side

Sage- description coming soon

Other/Extra Edit

My Precious


She owns a corn snake which she has named Hana (first-means curiosity in Hawaiian) Pandora (middle)


"Have I ever given you any reason not to trust me?"

"Wait. I don't have a watch."

"am I going to have to shout about somebody being killed in the night again?"

"that's always good, unless you like dead cat sounds. Wait. That's silence"

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