Waffle is a 1st gen SAMBer. She tends to be on a couple times a day (at least). Also, she feels the need to clarify that her wiki user is Greenstorm25 because she was foolish enough to not make it obvious enough that it was her.

Personality Edit

Waffle finds herself to be very bad at describing her personality so this is just going to be blank, thank you very much.

Appearence Edit

light brown naturally curly hair (not like super curly, but you  and inch or two past her shoulder, brown eyes (not really dark or soft or intense or whatever, just regular brown), somewhere around 5'7 with a more muscular build (not like you can see actual muscle like on weightlifters, but she's more broad-shouldered and such)

Gang Edit

Stormy-a light blue alicorn with a bit darker mane. She was probably on some sort of never ending sugar rush.

Burnt Waffle- Waffle's dark(ish) side. She was actually the sane one who was pretty much put in charge of keeping everyone alive. Now that Waffle's actually competent of that, Burnt's gonna need to be changed a bit to make things interesting.

Periwinkle Svensson- I actually have Peri fully developed and ready to go, but I'll introduce her when I revamp the others. All you need to know about her right now is that she has laser birds.

Note: Waffle has decided to actually develop these guys (because they lacked personality and depth)


"Have I ever given you any reason not to trust me?"

"Wait. I don't have a watch."

"am I going to have to shout about somebody being killed in the night again?"

"that's always good, unless you like dead cat sounds. Wait. That's silence"

"No murder after supper."

Waffle in Real Life Edit

In real life, Waffle is a soon-to-be 9th grader who spends most of her time at school because six or seven hours is a good chunk of the time I'm awake reading, doodling, spending time with her snake Amelia (as Hana has passed), or hanging out spending excessive amounts of time online.

My Precious

Hana, Waffle's old corn snake.


Amelia, Waffle's snek.