Waffle is a 1st gen SAMBer. She tends to be on a couple times a day (at least).

Personality Edit

Waffle is upbeat, and silly. She doesn't really get mad, and enjoys messing around.

Appearence Edit

light brown naturally curly hair (not like super curly, but you  and inch or two past her shoulder, brown eyes (not really dark or soft or intense or whatever, just regular brown), somewhere around 5'7 with a more muscular build (not like you can see actual muscle like on weightlifters, but she's more broad-shouldered and such)

Gang Edit

Stormy-a light blue alicorn with a bit darker mane.

Burnt Waffle- Waffle's dark(ish) side

Sage- description coming soon


"Have I ever given you any reason not to trust me?"

"Wait. I don't have a watch."

"am I going to have to shout about somebody being killed in the night again?"

"that's always good, unless you like dead cat sounds. Wait. That's silence"

Waffle in Real Life Edit

In real life, Waffle is an 8th grader who spends most of her time at school because six or seven hours is a good chunk of the time I'm awake reading, doodling, spending time with her snake Hana, or hanging out online.

My Precious

Hana, Waffle's corn snake

“Look at the Blog posts and stalk live chat buddy”~Whirlpool