Unia is an SAMBer. She's been a bit inactive on the SAMB, but still stops by sometimes. Her accounts are magentaunicorn115, her main account, and platinumangel294, her extra account.

Personality Traits Edit

Though normally calm, she has shown an insane side. She can sometimes be a huge nerd, often talking about some anime, movie, or book. Unia hates conflict and usually keeps peace, though she's eager to fight if she knows its a friendly war. She one day wants to be an author, and writes in her spare time. She also likes roleplaying.

She has a crush on a fictional character named Chase, from a TV show called 'Lab Rats', and gets extremely mad if anyone touches him. She also obsesses over other characters in her gang (mentioned later) like Monokuma, Max, and Natsu.

Notable Actions on the MB Edit

Jurassic Gang Edit

A gang roleplay where the MBers and members of their gangs go to Jurassic Island, and the dinosaurs escape like in the movies. The roleplay was sadly unfinished.

Others coming.

Gang Edit

Her gang is currently very small for a gang, and is quite a variety of characters from fandoms.

Alternate Personalities/Egos Edit

Her alternate personalities are, Spark, Cloud, Angel, Cynthia, and Dragona. Spark is her party-girl side, representing happiness and excitement. Cloud is her shy side, representing her timidness on meeting new people(In real life, not the SAMB. She's happy to meet new people on the SAMB). Angel is her serious side, when she's calm. This side shows mostly when leading people or in a fight. Cynthia represents anger. For example, if a gang member or close friend gets hurt, this side will show. Dragona is her dark side, holding all the dark traits of Unia, such as insanity, cruelty, sadism, and other dark things.

Chase Edit

Chase is Unia's main love interest. He's from the show Lab Rats. He's usually calm and is a good leader, but can be arrogant and vengeful. He's been shown showing feelings toward Unia.

Pilot Lynx Edit

Pilot Lynx is Unia's OC. Pilot Lynx is a happy-go-lucky type, but can be serious.

Monokuma Edit

Monokuma is a character from the anime Danganronpa. He's very sadistic and cruel, but softens around Unia, though he pretends to act annoyed around her.

Trivia Edit

  • Unia has many powers, like shapeshifting, telekinesis, bionics, Light Dragon Slayer Magic, and others.
  • You can find her on Animal Jam, Roblox, Minecraft, Pokemon TCG Online, and Transformice.