Icicle officially joined the SAMB in Janurary of 2015, but forum stalked in Demember of 2014, making her a

"granny." She's the Queen of the Cold, Yoga, and Grumpy Cat Memes. Her parents are Malefincent and Boreas, the Greek god of Winter and the North Wind. She has a large gang, and will later create a paragraph for that. Her backup is iceathlete21 and is terrible with coms. She is, oddly, unrelated to anyone one the MBs outside of her gang. She is also creepily referring to herself in the third person.

Appearance Edit

Regular: Icicle is 5'4" with a semi-tanned athletic build. Her hair is straight/wavy/curly-ish and barely touches her shoulders. It is almost strawberry blond, and is tinted a red. She parts it on the extreme left. Icicle usually wears some type of sneakers or lace up boots, with a sassy t-shirt and a large, baggy hoodie. She has gray-blue eyes that can appear blue-green or sky blue depending on the light. She has large blue framed glasses and is quite blind without them. Or with them. She usually has wrist bands hidden under her hoodie sleeve in which she conceals daggers, and can summon her bow and arrows from the Daut if necessary. Icicle also has large, feathery wings that start black in the center, fading to a white at the tips. They used to be in color but have faded along with her joy in life. She is also semi transparent due to being a ghost.

Icicle attempt by Tempest

Warrior Cat form: Her warrior form is a orange tortishell she-cat named


Snowheart. Snowheart, formerly Snowpaw,

was twins with Cloudpaw, but is not sure if that is still cannon. Snowheart is a dark orange, with dark blue eyes. She has some white splotches though on her right ear, paws, and tail tip.

Dragon form: Her form is a dark indigo dragon with emerald green eyes. She can blow dark fire, fire, and ice, and is called Nightshade. Although normally around 3 feet tall, she can expand to 20 feet tall in a matter of seconds.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Can manipulate illusions of all five senses.
  • Large feathery wings for, obviously, for flying.
  • Can change onto an indigo dragon with emerald eyes.
  • Dark fire, available in regular form and dragon form.
  • Size manipulation (i.e. Can grow or shrink self), available only in dragon form.
  • Control over all forms of water available in the season of winter. (i.e. Ice, snow, etc.)
  • Can also shapeshift into OC character/persona Snowheart, from Warrior cats.
  • Wind powers. (i.e. Can be create a light breeze)
  • Knack for seeing through glamours.

Gang Members Edit

Tsustu Jr.

Tsutsu Jr., Icicle's actual cat in real life.

Evian Edit

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa, Icicle's godmother's cat in real life.

Seventeen years old, 5'9", tanned, golden blond messy hair, green eyes, athletic build. Wears white high tops, jeans, and proper shirts. Is cocky, kind, easily distracted, brave, overprotective, determined, smart. His weapon is a silver sword dusted in Cestial Bronze powder. Is my cousin. His SA is Frost, a blue fire Phoenix. Is is cannon shipped with Revie-chan's gang member Raine, despite the fact that they both disagree their feelings for each other and that Raine used him as a human snowball.

Frost Edit

One year old male Phoenix. Is a water color blend of blues, greens, and purples. Back of wings, bottom tail featers, eyes, and head feather are a combination of his color and Evian's color. Personality is sarcastic, he's a daredevil, mischevious, proud, confedent, always happy, fear isn't really in his vocabulary, speaks in slang constantly, prankster. Bond is Evian.

Infinity Edit


Mona Lisa Edit


Snow Edit

Thirteen years old, 4'11",

Snow Fall Edit


Winter Edit

Thirteen years old, 5'3", a little pale, has short hair in a kinda bob with left side cut to her ear and right side down halfway to her shoulder, streaks of light blue darting through her almost blond hair, crystal eyes, wears jeans and bright flowery shirts with knee high cowboy boots, athletic/thin build. Has weather powers (so can create all types of small storms). Is a quadruplet with Icicle, Snow, and Infinity. Personality is always upbeat, excited, happy, kind, friendly, trusts everyone and only thinks good things about others. Her SA is Tsutsu Jr.

Tsutsu Jr.-








Peter Pan-








Violet-Violet was a Christmas present from Blaise in 2016. "Violet is a little kitten, snow white with black paws and violet eyes. Her birthday is technically the 25th, by like an hour, but whenever works. She does have an allergy, peanuts, but that shouldn't be an issue. She was born with a power, or specialty, which happens to be Ice. Her fur seems to have light blue sparks when she is excited."~Blaise, 2016.

Backstory Edit

No one really knows. Or cares. Therefore, it is unmentioned. But she is almost done with a doomsday RP now and Storm will probably spit it out in disgust.

Bit About Icicle in Real Life Edit

Icicle is an eighth grader living in Wisconsin. She plays the violin, since the summer of 2014, and piano, since 2007. She's currently flailing, and failing, at a summer orchestra program. She enjoys reading, math, and music. Some fandoms she's in are: Red Queen series, by Victoria Aveyard; Legend series, by Marie Lu; The Young Elites series, by Marie Lu; All mythology books by Rick Riordan; and many more. Icicle enjoys a lot of dark music, like her black soul. It probably doesn't help her bipolar depression, but likes it too much to give it up (the music). Some bands and artists she listens to are Anna Blue, Set It Off, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, My Chemical Romance. She loves loves LOVES the musical soundtracks of Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, Heathers, Wicked, and more that she hasn't listened to yet. Her real name is Laura because enough people probably know by now her real name.

Icicle, in real life, is an outcast. She eats in the library everyday, and is losing 'friends' who are traitors. One of her few true friends, Sappy Mango, goes to a different school, so they hardly see each other. Icicle is apart of her local swim team, though hopefully not for long; is pretty good at tennis, which she'll start back up again; enjoys long distance running; and is a enormous nerd. This is the person who is taking a month of summer school for fun.

Quotes Edit

"oh thats how caps works."

"What just happened?"

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