Twilightchief24, also known as Luke, is part of the Sprit Animals Message Board. His hero Luka Fatecaster is part of the "Future Force" clan. His first post was on June 16, 2015 on a thread titled "Book of Shane #3: VENGEANCE" He is a very experienced player of the SAMB game.

Along with his friend Dountbaseball24, Luke started an epic foodfight

He received a lot of negative comments and accusations, but these are part of the past. Luke, now that he has gotten past his Twilight days, is a great friend. In his opinion, he is funny, positive, fluffeh and smart, and all of his friends should be proud to know him.


Luke is part of the ship Amuke [[[Amberwolf/Snowlilyy/Rebellious|Amberwolf]] and Luke]. It is cannon, and they wed on March 24, 2017 Another ship is Luvie, between him and Revie/Reverie, which they don't support because they are siblings, but this ship was popular before Amuke.

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