The Shipping Wars (Name suggested by Bobcat) started, well, it just started. There's no date, because the person writing this is too lazy to check. Oh, here. It's the twenty-eighth of March.

The war is between two ships: Tabcat/Tabby cat (Tag x Bobcat) and Eventi/EHHH-ven-tea (Ever x Anti).

Needless to say, Tabcat is the better ship, because Tag and Bobcat are just denying the love they have for each other.

However, during this period of time, Pizza has betrayed her twin sister by putting a hashtag in her signature. Ever is very disappointed in her, as she is writing in third-person to make the rebuke hurt a little less. (As an offhand note, Pizza did the right thing by adding Eventi to her sig as the wedding has recently happened.)

Happy and Amberwolf (IS THAT BETTER?) have declared a wedding for Tabcat, although neither Tag nor Bobcat have accepted the offer. Tag is currently hiding in the jungle and Bobcat's booking it eastward. We don't know where's she's going, but she does have orange juice.

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