The Nickname Wars, also known as The Clone Wars, (cough cough it's really a awesome Star Wars show cough cough) were recent attacks by trolls on the SAMB. It first began by someone on an account joining, claiming her nickname would be Catspirit. However, CatSpirit is a very popular MBer who has been around for a much longer time than Catwind, called Windy by Rosebud/Violet and several other MBers. This became a problem as many asked her to change it, but she refused. There was a trial set up by Tree, where both CatSpirits agreed that it would settled in this way. Each defendant had a lawyer, CatSpirit the 1st with Jasper and Happy, and Catspirit the 2nd with Sofi. Sofi regretted it afterwards. When the trial was over, CatSpirit had won, and Catwind made a big fuss. More things happened, and nearly three months later, CatSpirit(the first one) admitted that she was actually Catwind. Between these three months, there came someone who called themself Tempest, even though there was already one. Long story short, Tempest 2 went to IRMB and was trying to stir them against us. Bad choice, Cloudy. They are a peaceful MB.  After this, there were two small conflicts, one over the nickname "Flash" and another over "Seeker". But these "Clone Wars" seem to now be over.


While the CatSpirit Conflict is the most recent and the longest of the SAMB wars to date, there have also been other wars over nicknames in the SAMB's past. One of these was the Samurai War:

Following the IR-SAMB War, many SAMBers calling themselves "Samurai" started popping up. When the SAMBers asked them to stop, they were ignored. Each of the false Samurais sported the same username; Tsunamininja (And then followed by a random number) The username "Tsunamininga" was mainly credited Samurai, (The original) who also wore the username. After a period of asking the multiple Samurais to change nicknames and being turned down, the SAMBers got more panicked and upset. Finally one of the false Samurais revealed that each of the "Samurai Gang" were in fact, all the same person. He/She said that they were a older SAMBer that had stood by and watched the IR-SAMB Conflict play out. However, sympathetic to the IRMBer's plight, they set out to prove a point.

The main core of the IR-SAMB war was centered around the IRMB's unoffical rules. Many SAMBers were upset that they were being asked to follow a set of unofficial rules, therefore went about to do the opposite of what they were being asked. Numerous stated that "the SAMB does have any rules" thus it was unfair that they should be forced to follow MBers rules on other Scholastic Message Boards.

The unknown SAMBer had proven by taking Samurai's (A SAMBer key in the IR-SA war) nickname that the SAMB did in fact have unstated rules. You can't just take another SAMBer's nickname, especially without their permission. After this post, the SAMB has never seen any of the false Samurai identities again. We still don't know who this SAMBer was, although there have been many speculations.


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