The GreatCloaks are a small club of members of Spirit Animals fans who have summoned Great Beasts from the Spirit animal Books. Of course, they are non-canon summoners, but they use the advantage of being the summoners of Great Beasts on SAMB. If that makes any sense. Anyways, here are the Great Beasts and their summoners:

Dinesh The Elephant: Blaise (The leader)

Ninani The Swan: Cassy

Suka the Polar Bear: Ruby

Mulop the Octopus: Selene

Halawir The Eagle: Icicle

Rumfuss The Boar: Happy

Gerathon the Serpent: Callie

Kovo the Ape: Gem

Tellun the Elk: Kya

Cabaro the Lion: Brielle

Arax the Ram: Brayson

Since the GreatCloaks are not following the books, the Four Fallen have also been summoned.

Uraza the Leopard: Tornado

Briggan the Wolf: Auria

Essix the Falcon: Icey

Jhi the Panda: Tree

The GreatCloaks were created to bring all of the summoners together, and to save SAMB (Spirit Animals Message Board) from collapsing with wars. There has been a conflict, Fluffeh vs Fluffehwin, and it tore some non-veterans apart (Nah, that's kinda an exaggeration. Let's just say that friends were fighting each other and it was not fun.) (It's accurate. I know my wars.). It was eventually solved, and those people were friends again. FrostPi was revealed to have created the Fluffehwin account and apologized later. The Great Cloaks are trying to protect SAMB from any future wars or conflicts to come.

The Symbol of the GreatCloaks: Edit

A blue bow and arrow, inside of a red circle, with a yellow background. The actual Cloak is a very dark blue, almost black.

Nicknames: Edit

I have not decided to give nicknames yet, but I am thinking about it. I mean, the RedCloaks have a secret identity with nicknames, so why not us? Two members have made nickname though. They are Key and Shimmer.

Thank you for reading this post! In case you were wondering: Edit

Yes, I am Blaise, Leader of the GreatCloaks. You might see me later, or you might not. *Disappears*

And yes, some parts were edited by Gem, one of the members of The GreatCloaks. *Leaves*

And some was edited by Sky, who isn't a GreatCloak but is still a grammar freak. :D (Sorry, just couldn't resist.)

I, Tree, also edited because I tried to make it neater.