This stands for "Fight to the Death or As Dead As You Can Get On the SAMB".

It was an idea Amberwolf(amberbutterfly669/me) made, inspired by the Bobcat/Amberwolf Feud, when they competed on Ever's thread of who could include the most SAMBer names in one sentence. Many people loved Ever's idea, saying it was a good thing to happen to the SAMB as a form of entertainment and friendly competition, so Amber decided to make it a SAMB thing, like fluffeh.

She recently suggested it to be a HOMB thing, since the Horizon MB was lonely (ha! bet none of you realized that!) but it was rejected, so it's back and officially a SAMB thing. Unless it dies, of course.

As described in the official FTTOADAYCGOTS thread [1], two parties compete, or fight to the death, about a topic they both agree on. The parties can be MBer vs MBer, shipmate vs shipmate, etc. Partial judges will judge the answers and at the end of one week, whichever party has the most points wins. The competiton can be extended if both competitors agree. Anyone can sign up, and they can sign up for as many rounds as they want, as long as their previous fight is completed.

And since Amber sucks at planning stuff, like writing RPs and actually covering everything, she most definitely forgot to mention something and will therefore be updating this wikia page and the SAMB thread soon.

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