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It has been confirmed that Storm does indeed do drugs.


Introduction Edit

Recommended reading before you begin frequenting the Live Chat. This page explains people, chat gangs, games, nicknames, and catch phrases that you may come across on the LC, which will be helpful background knowledge to have going in. Many of the people already have pages, which will be linked in their name.

People Edit

Storm Edit

-aka. Stormeh, Stormo, Around

-User: StormyWormy

Storm is a frequent sight on the Live Chat. She is the owner of Second and Ernest (see Chat Gangs). She is usually found trying to keep Bobcat from getting too hyper, though usually not succeeding. Suspected of doing drugs by Icicle and Bobcat. Is constantly reviving people who die in the chat, which tends to happen a lot. Will occasionally spook people with a knife.



-aka. Bobkitteh, Bobcatsio, Bobby

-User: Bobcatsio

Bobcat can often be found on the chat in the evening and occasionally throughout the day. Bobcat is the owner of Llamy and Kapu (see Chat Gangs). She's a hyper person, often spamming the caps lock, and has several catchphrases she uses.


"Breathe in. BAAAAAAAAA. Breathe out. BAAAAAAAAAA. Breathe in. BAAAAAAAAA..."



Bobcat sometimes shares awkward stories in "Bobcat Story Time" although this is a new tradition. She can usually be found screaming about something and flailing around, completely ignoring Storm trying to calm her down. Storm suspects her of doing drugs due to her weirdness.



-aka. Icy

-User: Icicle-The-Pineapple

Suspects that Bobcat and Storm are both doing drugs. Thinks that anything church related is one big drug-heist.



-aka. Amber, Amby

-User: Amberwolfsr

Frequent user of the caps (because of extreme (over)hyperness), and is a master at the sacred art of copy and paste. Due to her perma-ban on the SAMB you'll often find her popping in to the chat to check for people at random times during the day, either staying for hours or leaving right away if people aren't there. Amber is the owner of Fluffy Cat. (See Chat Gangs) She and Storm will race to finish saying the alphabet whenever Amber says 'a(aaaaaa etc.) for whatever reason, because a=ahh but without all the h's. She likes to eat people, and flopping into bodies of water.



-aka. Pocky

-User: Maylaka

Apolaka is slightly less common, due to time zone confusions. You have to stay up very late to find her on. Apolaka is the owner of Entre. (See Chat Gangs) She does not use capitalization, and sometimes summons Mayari when she has really ran out of options and needs a teleporter. She often gets mad when people misspell her name. She created the game Poke Tag.



-aka. Specky

-User: UnmotivatedSpectrum

Severe shipper of #Stormcat.



-aka. Errrrrrrrris, Awis

-User: Not-eris

Gives out hurgles in game heck heck hurgle. Will sometimes die for no reason. She also likes to say "a" a lot. Is NOT your daddy


Pizza Edit

-aka. Pizzle, piazz, Italy

-User: Bookdragon296, PizzaTheBumblebee

She comes on at school almost everyday, sometimes in class. Hides in the Underworld waiting for anyone to die in chat and bring them back. Not sure how she got her Chat nickname but rolls with it. 99.999% of the time she's on, she's listening to Bmblb, because OTP stuff



-aka. Ehhhhver

-User: Evergreendusk

Well she's alive and stuff.



-aka.Ivana, Lolvehna, Vana

-User: Lolvana

Lolvana is Maylaka's RL sister. She is an inactive SAMBer, usually only on the Wikia chat. She has a tendency to only join when Maylaka is on chat, which is usually late at night too because time zones. She is also Apolaka's steed when Entre's nomming on enters.


Tempest Edit

aka- Temmiepest

User- Dragonhydra1737, Temmipest (main)

Tempest is a smol child SAMBer, usually making dumb decisions and allying with people to ransack pages. All she does is bring up random topics for the most part though.


Puppy Edit

AKA: Spider Puppy, Dog Child, Puppeh, Doggo, Ghost Puppy

User: Puppy of the SAMB

Puppy is a socially awkward SAMBer. She never cusses and usually prefers to act innocent. She claims that Lakael and Bobcat are her "Senpais", and can be very random at times. She and Bobcat invented the "Box Of Innocence", AKA a cardboard box that is bigger in the inside than it is on the outside (like the T.A.R.D.I.S. from Doctor Who).


Waffle Edit

AKA: Waffel, Ye Traitor, Waff, Wafflé

User: greenstorm25

Waffle is a somewhat same member of the chat squad, balancing out some of the more wacko people. She is nonpartisan in the TRASHE CANE/POOBELLY debate. Waffle is a sm0l innocent bean along with Bobcat and Puppy, earning her a place in the Box of Innocence.


Chat Gangs Edit

Llamy Edit

Species- Llama

Distinctive POVing Style- POVs within two dashes (-insert-)

Belongs to- Bobcat

[To be continued]

Second Edit

Species- A Second

Distinctive POVing Style- POVs after a S and a colon (S: insert)

Belongs to- Storm

[To be continued]

Fluffy Cat Edit

Species- Cat

Distinctive POVing Style- POVs within two wiggly dashes (~insert~)

Belongs to- Amber

Fluffy Cat, or Fluffy, usually does things instead of talking. When she does talk, it's usually meows and other cat noises, although she does speak in English. Her favorite hobbies are making cupcakes(and sometimes cake) and spraying sprinkles places because she can do sprinkle magic. She is also the best fluff ball, especially when she curls into a ball and fluffs her fur.

Ernest Edit

Species- Sloth

Distinctive POVing Style- POVs after an E and a colon (E: insert)

Belongs to- Storm

[To be continued]

Kapu Edit

Species- Sloth

Distinctive POVing Style- POVs within two brackets ([insert])

Belongs to- Bobcat

[To be continued]

Groat the Goat Edit

Species- Goat

Distinctive POVing Style- Not decided yet

Belongs to- Ever

[To be continued]

Entre Edit

Species- Golden Alpaca

Distinctive POVing Style- POVs between two equal signs (=insert=)

Belongs to- Apolaka

He eats enters and has a golden coat. Nuff said. Oh, and he's also quite sensitive.

Games Edit

Bobkitteh Roulette Edit

Not offical yet. We still need to try it out, but the rules stand as thus.

When the moderator says begin, the players begin posting. The person who made the predetermined post is out, a new number is decided, and the game continues.

Players- Can be played with two, but is more enjoyable with three+. It will be eventually narrowed down to two v. two, but having more people makes the game longer and more enjoyable. Players are not allowed to simply not post.

Moderator- Decides the number, starts and ends the game. A new number can be chosen every round, but the number must be between 15 and 50.

Poke Tag Edit

A game made by Apolaka. You run around, poking each other as a tag instead of slapping. There are no other rules than this, so you can totally use your BS powers in this game.

Heck-Heck-Hurgle Edit

For more information, visit The Hurgle Hierarchy.


Chat ShipsEdit


This is what hell looks like. I'm a just sit in the corner hiding from what I've created.

Stormcat :p
Stormcat Drawing

Fanart for the ship #Stormcat.