AphroTale Edit

On July 18, Aphrodite and Tale were joking around in chat. Alone. Aphrodite went back to her page to find everything absolutely PERFECT with a message saying Bobcat had fixed it for her, along with the quote in the quote section, "Bobcat is amazing

Aphrodite went and changed it to "Bobcat is amazing, but Aphrodite is fluffeh". She told Tale about it and Bobcat joined them in chat. Tale went silent for a while, and Aphrodite boredly went around some blogs to see Tale had changed her page.

Tale kept changing things around until Aphrodite went to her page and messed it up a little, causing Tale to come back and change her entire page to Yiddish. Aphrodite messed around with Tale's page, and then Bobcat (who Aphrodite has no clue was involved) made her page incredibly stupid, replacing random words with the word cucumber. Aphrodite changed Tale's profile to Spanish and put "APHRODITE SO FLUFFEH AND AWESOME" and spammed random letters and numbers, causing Tale to do this.

and so Aphrodite tried to look at her page when Tale said she'd messed it up, but her computer caught a virus and had to be totally restarted. The page had an MLA guide in english, yiddish, morse, Burmese, and several memes. They were spammed in every language, with at least 10 per language.Bobcat and Storm fixed her page, and Aphrodite is happy.

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