It all began on March 7... Edit

Friday March 7, 2017 a SAMBer by the name of Ever created a thread titled "Try to make a sentence with as many SAMBer's nicknames as possible." The rules were simple- using the nicknames of SAMBers past and present, create the longest possible sentence that you can. It started out slowly, but as the game became more and more popular, the game became more heated. At first, the two primary contests were Amberwolf and Bobcat. Over time, more people participated, but the name "Amberwolf and Bobcat Contest" stuck.

SAMBers supported each side, and there were many bystanders that enjoyed watching. An Olympic-like game was discussed, after seeing how many people enjoyed the friendly competition. However, this never really took off, although it may crop up again at some later point.

Competition Log- Edit

(Please note that only sentences that followed all the rules, and defeated the reigning champion at the time are included) Edit

Bobcat- 23 [March 7]

Amber- 31 [March 7]

Bobcat- 52 [March 7]

Amber- 60 [March 7]

Swiftstar- 63 [March 8]

Swiftstar- 79 [March 8]

Amber- 82 [March 8]

Swiftstar- 82 [March 8]

Bobcat- 144 [March 11]

Amber- 163 [March 11]

Icicle- 173 [March 12]

Amber- 194 [March 12]

Amber/Luke- 195 [March 14]

Whirlpool- 238 [March 15]

-Bobcat officially resigns (but will return) [March 24]-

Amber- 327 [April 10]

Whirlpool- 451 [May 8]


Champion Edit

The current champion is Whirlpool! [As of 5/8/17]

The following all occupied the SAMB Sentence Throne previously, albeit dethroned now.





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