Powerfulwolf250, or Talon, is a sorta well-known MBer. Well, at least she thinks. She first joined the SAMB on August 11, 2015.


Talon is a very changeable MBer. Her personality changes rapidly, depending on her mood. Although, she is still seen as a crazy SAMBer. She is very shy at first, but loves the spotlight. Still, she is very cautious.

She enjoys acting like a wolf, although she thinks that it can be pretty odd.

She can be hard to deal with, as she has a very strong will and doesn't back down easily.

Her fandoms include: Star Wars Rebels, Minecraft Story Mode, Percy Jackson, Kung Fu Panda, and many others that she is too lazy to name.


In all her time, she normally describes herself with dark brown hair and color changing eyes. She is known to have large white wings, with gold along the edges. The wings are retractable.


Like lots of SAMBers, Talon has a gang. A fairly small one, compared to others.

Nico: written in navy blue, this OC is 11 years old, has thick, dark hair, and is the younger brother to Kyra. Both are from a different dimension.

Kyra: written in lime, this OC is 12 years old, the older sister to Nico. She has light brown hair, emerald green eyes and a crazy attitude. She is from the same dimension as Nico.

Jace: written in burgundy, he is the older brother to Talon. He has light brown/ dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes.

Mist: written in gray, Mist is a wolf/dragon hybrid. She is named Mist for her misty light gray-blue fur. The most mature of the group, she is 15 years old. She can turn into a full dragon at will.

Onyx: written in light yellow, Onyx is a pure black pegasus, who was adopted by Talon and given as a companion to Kyra. He is the oldest of the group and is second place for most mature.

Sunset: written in orange, Sunset is the total opposite of Onyx, She is a young phoenix, who has a crazy personality and can easily make everybody go bonkers. She was adopted by Talon and given to Nora as a pet. She acts like she is 5 years old.

Nora: written in pink, Nora is a 7 year old girl, but she is smarter then most 7 year olds. She acts more like a 13-year-old. She has long black hair and warm brown eyes. She is a descendant of dragons.

Ezra: written in Blue, Ezra is a fictional character from Star Wars Rebels. Although he rarely shows, Talon enjoys having him a part of her gang.

Golden: written in olive, Golden is a golden-furred female wolf. She is sarcastic, yet very lovable and was adopted by Talon and given to Nico. The two of them are best friends and she is more sister than a pet to Nico.

There are many more gang members on the way too! She plans on adopting twins named Leo and Lilliana.


Talon is a part of 3 families. The Desitjo family, The Istarliunsvell family and The Bloom family.


Talon is the queen of

-Mythical Creatures



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