Okay, we need to do our best to figure out what happened. I know there are several comments on the topic already, but I'm making this the official page so we can keep everything organized. If you have information, edit it in. Once we've done everything that we can, this page will be deleted.

So. *claps hands together*

I need information from everyone, but especially Amber. If you can MME, answer these questions.

Information Database: Edit

-Date of ban (Time also would be helpful, if you know it) Edit

the day after the sentence was posted; thursday the 12 at sometime i don't know at all

-Any posts you made before the ban that now are deleted (If so, what was it about) Edit

By the way, your last post according to your list is this one.

i dont remember anything I posted that didn't go through and I am 99% sure nothing was deleted

-Have you broken any rules recently? If so, which ones? Edit

not recently.. like said before talking about discord wouldn't be a reasonable ban and talking about wikia.. no one else talking about wikia was banned. picture of my ban ---------------------------\|/ such good arrrowssss

so it's not for talking about discord..

Screenshot (17)

As a reminder, the list of rules are here.

Mod Response Edit

King Keith, on the thread communicating Amber's ban, said that he was not the one who banned her, and didn't know the reason.

Potential Causes for Ban: Edit

Cause Link Proof For Proof Against
Inappropriate / sexual content? /276581 On Amber's donkey thread, She had an inside joke for um, the other word for donkey. None of the other Sambers got it, but a mod might have and banned her.

The thread was deleted.

Even though other Sambers in on the joke were not banned, the thread was still deleted.
Violent description(?) "mah sentence" "the troll has a dull  KATANA, armed like a SAMURAI: “I am SAMMI the SILVER-NINJA” he hollers and joins the chase, throwing FROSTPIs and trying to ROB everyone" Sort of violent I guess? As was pointed out, this isn't an incredibly violent passage. There are plenty of RPs that are more violent, so this being banned is stange.


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