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The Scholastic Message Boards, known fondly as "the lands of Scholastica", are where people who love certain books published by Scholastic come together and talk about the books, along with many other random topics, and play related games. The forums are considered a safe haven to some, full of good friends and memories and understanding communities, despite the occasional conflict.

These sites, along with the other sites included in "the lands of Scholastica," all contain a forum, or MB [Message Board], and often a book related game. Some MBs are more active than others. While they all start out as book forums, many have branched out and made their own unique communities.

Check Out the MBs that Make Up Scholastica! Edit

Spirit Animals Message Board - SAMB Edit

Infinity Ring Message Board - IRMB Edit

Wings of Fire Message Board - WoFMB Edit

The 39 Clues Message Board - T39CMB Edit

Tombquest Message Board - TQMS Edit

Latest activityEdit

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