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Welcome traveler, to the Scholastica Wikia! This is a wikia created by FrostPi, dedicated to the Scholastic Message Boards. While all the main forums have a page, the SAMB section is the most active, due to it being primarily SAMBers on here. However, if you would like to work on your forum's page, please feel free to do so. Not everyone on the Message Boards know about the Wikia, and we plan to keep it that way. We don't want anyone to get banned for referencing someone here, and have decided that it's better if we keep stuff that goes on here off of Scholastic. What happens on the wikia, stays on the wikia. ;) To start your time here, begin with visiting the new member crashcourse. We hope you enjoy your stay!

What are the Scholastic Message Boards? Edit

The Scholastic Message Boards, known fondly as "the lands of Scholastica", are where people who love certain books published by Scholastic come together. These sites, organized by book series, are collectivly called "the lands of Scholastica," and all contain a forum, or MB [Message Board], and often a book related game. Some MBs are more active than others. While they all start out as book forums, many have branched out and made their own unique communities. The forums are considered a safe haven to many, full of good friends, memories, and understanding communities, despite the occasional conflict.

Scholastic Message Boards Edit

While there are many various Message Boards in Scholastica, the below are the main ones.

Spirit Animals Message Board - SAMB Edit

Wings of Fire Message Board - WoFMB Edit

The 39 Clues Message Board - T39CMB Edit

Tombquest Message Board - TQMB Edit

Infinity Ring Message Board - IRMB Edit

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