Meh Edit

Tempest and Scarlet were friends until this conflict. They are currently on good terms, but Their friendship is probably burning someplace.

Basically the entire conflict Edit

Scarlet one day realized her bond with Tempest wasn't as strong as her bonds with her other friends. Due to this, Tempest was asked to leave her clan, the skywing army. However, Tempest roasted her for this, causing the start of the conflict.

Many popcorns and posts later, Scarlet made a post apologizing to Tempest. Tempest was about to accept when Scarlet basically admitted she was Cyclone. This post was made by Cyclone, but Scarlet came on a few minutes later, further strengthening this reason.

However, Tempest eventually accepted Scarlet's apology, and the whole thing was forgotten.

Aftermath Edit

Scarlet lost most of the popularity and friends she had at the time. Her clan, Skywing army, also lost many of its members, including Tempest herself.

Scarlet was igored on a lot of threads after this, and she eventually claimed she was permabanned so she could leave.

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