Sandstorm Arashi, also known as Warriorcat182 or Artred190, is an oldie whose original account is the leader of ThunderClan!(Yes, the exclamation mark is supposed to be there), and her current account is leader of The Crystal Gems. She is also the Queen of Pokemon and the Co-Queen of SU. Her backup account is Sandstorm279.

Ships Edit

Sandstorm's Pokemon ships are ChoosenShipping, InsectivoreShipping, HoennShipping, and an AmourShipping(But don't tell Ash). Her SA ships are Reilin, Korthy, and Colvan. Her SU ships are Rapphire and Stevonnie.

Gang Edit

Sandstorm's gang includes Ash Ketchum, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Jessie, James, Meowth, Pikachu, Lakeclaw, Snowheart, and Lapis Lazuli.

Appearance Edit

Sandstorm's MB self is a tall, pale-skinned 13-year-old wearing an orange T-shirt with blue two stars, one on each sleeve, and a picture of her cat shapeshift on her shirt. She also wears blue shorts over gray leggings and gray shoes. However, she spends much more time in her cat shapeshift than her default form. Her cat shift is an orange cat with a scar across her chest. In both forms she wears dark blue glasses and had a scar that reaches across her neck down to her shoulder.

Quotes Edit

Out of Character: Edit

"I somewhat have a life."

"*Summons dagger* I am Rollan confirmed."

In Character: Edit


"I was a human... Everything about me is somehow both real and not. No matter what, no matter how long I'm stuck in this pointless confusion, I'm never going to figure myself out."

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