Driven by powerful loyalty towards her taekwondo school, Samurai, known on the 39 Clues by the name Kyorugi and briefly as Natsu on Spirit Animals, is training hard for her first-degree black belt and in addition is training to become an instructor. She joined the SAMB on July 21, 2014 and restarted on the 39 Clues as Kyorugi on February 26, 2017. She celebrates her taekwondo-day (like a birthday, only it's the day one started taekwondo) on June 8.
Martial Arts Yells03:49

Martial Arts Yells

This is a video from Samurai's YouTube channel.


Writing Edit

Samurai is working on many books, most of which fall into the martial arts action genre. There's one series she's focused on for now, and she hopes to finish book one by the end of 2017. She's outlining the entire series first, of which there are seven books (although the number of books in the series might change).

She can't say what the series is about, other than that it will be the most epic thing you will ever read.

Experience in Taekwondo Edit

Samurai currently holds the rank of blue stripe belt in taekwondo. (Blue stripe is a blue belt with a black stripe; it precedes brown belt.) She has four ranks left until she starts officially preparing for her black belt test (at her school two additional semesters of training are required before a red stripe can qualify for his or her black belt test). She practices a lot, since practicing taekwondo is when she feels the most alive.

In addition, Samurai has been training as an instructor since she was a green belt.

YouTube Edit

Samurai has a YouTube channel called TaekwondoChampion, where she uploads videos with tips for martial arts training, drawing manga martial arts characters, and writing martial arts action.

Lee dae-hoon 1

This is Lee Dae-hoon, Samurai's favorite taekwondo athlete.

Leaving Edit

Samurai left the SAMB permanently on March 9, 2017 for taekwondo training. (Although her last post was actually on March 10.) She decided she needed as much time as possible to become the best instructor and the best athlete she can be and to fully understand the Way that is taekwondo. She still posts on the 39 Clues, although not terribly often. She is trying to focus more on martial arts and writing now, so she will be spending more time training than being online.

This was her goodbye post:

I've drafted dramatic goodbyes many times, because I knew one day I would have to leave this place. I just wasn't sure when. Now is the time for me to leave, but I'm not really sure how to say goodbye . . .
As the only taekwondo fanatic here, I don't fit in, and I'm only coming here because of habit these days. This place is really stressing me out, and I think I'd be better off without it. I'm drifting away anyway, so it's not that much of a sacrifice.
I know I sound ungrateful for everything you guys have done for me, but I really am grateful. If I'd never come here, I never would have started taekwondo, and taekwondo is what saved me. Thanks to you guys, I found my passion and my future. It's not uncertain anymore. I'm not living in a nightmare anymore.
I'm also giving this place up for martial arts training. Let's be honest here: I'm never going to make the Olympic team or become a poomsae champion if I'm only doing 30 minutes of practice a day. Half an hour also is not enough for a trainee instructor. I have to be stronger than everyone else, and that isn't possible if I don't train a lot more. And I feel sick a lot, and I feel best when I practice. Taekwondo can heal me. I know it can. So I need to spend more time practicing. Until every move of every poomsae (forms) is perfect, until I can spar 1000 matches in a row without getting tired, I can't stop training. That sounds impossible, but I decided yesterday that nothing is impossible. I have no limits. Not anymore.
And I need to understand the Way that is taekwondo. It's a lot more complex than I thought it was (the spiritual side of taekwondo), and I need to really try to understand it in order to truly write a book about taekwondo.
You will see me in the Olympics someday. You will see my books in the bookstore someday. I can promise that.
So this . . . this is my last goodbye. Good luck in life, everyone, and always remain true to who you are. Follow your dreams and never give up. :)
- Samurai/Kyorugi Nareusya Taegeuk-Arashi-Fortis-Takamoto
Update: I'm back until this summer. I don't want to hurt myself by suddenly going from 30 minutes of training to 3 hours of training. - Samurai :)

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