Hello. If you care, I joined Spirit Animals in January 2014. I had zero interest in the forums until July that year. I used to post a lot, but then I went on hiatus several times, starting in May of 2016. And that is why I know basically no one anymore.

With a name like "Samurai" you might think I'm an "otaku" or whatever . . . I'm not - I just draw manga characters, and feudal Japan is cool. Not that there's anything wrong with watching anime and stuff (my friends do and they're the best) - I just don't. I will say that the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden soundtrack is really good, however.

I am a nerd, though, totally. Wizard101 is great. My taekwondo instructor doesn't know about this, but my wizard . . . just look at the picture. My wizard was created in the image of one of my book characters (I write stuff), but I was scrolling through the name choices, hmm, what to name him, what to name him (book character's name wasn't an option) . . . what is this, I see Jeremy is a name choice, heck yeah, let's call him that. Therefore, he is a glorious wizard.

I wanted to make a wizard for my other instructor too but his name isn't a name choice. ;-; I had to call him Talon instead . . . looks nothing like him, but he IS School of Life, which my instructor would totally be. ^_^

Also, the true spelling of the name Jeremy is with infinite y's, because this happened:

Samurai: So Instructor Jeremyy is literally the best
Samurai: *Jeremy
Eternity: What if it does have two y's o_o
Samurai: o_o
Eternity: What if there are more
Samurai: Jeremyyyyyyyyyyy
Eternity: Jeremyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Samurai: Jeremyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
So now you know about that.

Quotes Edit

"What did the pineapples ever do to you?"

. . . But I never say anything witty so I'm just going to put a bunch of quotes from my taekwondo instructors here . . .



"Don't call my abnormalness normal!"

"Because taekwondo is awesome!"

"Beep beep"

"And no one got that reference except for like three people"

[impossible exercise here] "Easy, yeah?"

Classmate: It makes my eyes hurt.

Samurai: Everything makes my eyes hurt.

Master: -gasp- I make your eyes hurt?

Samurai: What no

Master: It's my BIRTHDAY, Samurai, why do you have to be so MEAN