Driven by powerful loyalty towards her taekwondo school and friends, Samurai is training hard for her first-degree black belt and in addition is training to become an instructor. She celebrates her taekwondo-day (like a birthday, only it's the day one started taekwondo) on June 8.

Samurai left the SAMB to pursue her taekwondo career. She sometimes posts on the T39CMB.

Writing Edit

Samurai is working on many books, most of which fall into the martial arts action genre. There's one series she's focused on for now, and she hopes to finish book one by the end of 2017. She's outlining the entire series first, of which there are seven books (although the number of books in the series might change).

She can't say what the series is about, other than that it will be the most epic thing you will ever read.

Taekwondo Edit

Samurai currently holds the rank of brown belt in taekwondo. She has three ranks left until she starts officially preparing for her black belt test (at her school two additional semesters of training are required before a red stripe can qualify for his or her black belt test). She practices a lot, since practicing taekwondo is when she feels the most alive.

In addition, Samurai has been training as an instructor since she was a green belt.
Lee dae-hoon 1

This is Lee Dae-hoon, Samurai's favorite taekwondo athlete. She hopes to meet him someday.

More infoEdit

Favorite music artist: Two Steps From Hell

Favorite song: anything by TSFH

Favorite taekwondo athlete: Lee Dae-hoon

Favorite taekwondo kick: flying back kick

Favorite taekwondo strike: palm heel strike

Favorite taekwondo form: Taegeuk Pal-Jang

Favorite taekwondo stance: tiger stance, crane stance

Favorite taekwondo block: double knifehand block

Favorite thing in taekwondo: sparring (kyorugi) and forms (poomsae) and self-defense (hosinsool) and OKAY ACTUALLY IT'S EVERYTHING :D

Hobbies: writing, drawing, memorizing taekwondo forms


Quotes Edit

"If you don't fail, if you don't learn, you will never be ready for greatness, because you'll never get there. If you give up when things get difficult, the moment something doesn't come easy, you are never going to make it. Accept failure, learn from it, use it as your power, and keep trying. Never, ever give up, because the moment you do, you'll regret it more than anything."
"I strive to become a warrior, to take a step towards my greatness every day. The journey to greatness is a journey of many steps, many thousands of steps, a journey that takes many years. But those with the perseverance to make the journey will succeed. They will not reach the end, for taekwondo is a journey with no end . . . but they will acquire greatness along the way."

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