About Samurai Edit

I'm a trainee taekwondo instructor, gonna compete in the Olympics someday, and at some point I'm going to start my own taekwondo school. I've left Scholastic, for many reasons. Majority of these reasons are none of your business. You won't find me on this wiki very often, but if you want to contact me, leave a message on my message wall.

And why are there so many pictures of Lee Dae-hoon here? Because he's amazing. Watch some of his highlights - I have links to a few on this page. I don't just obsess over him 'cause he's hot, although that is a major reason. XD He's really good at taekwondo, right up there with Servet Tazegül, Levent Tuncat, and Ahmad Abughaush. We're talking about the world champion here.

Lee dae-hoon medal


Quotes Edit

"If you don't fail, if you don't learn, you will never be ready for greatness, because you'll never get there. If you give up when things get difficult, the moment something doesn't come easy, you are never going to make it. Accept failure, learn from it, use it as your power, and keep trying. Never, ever give up, because the moment you do, you'll regret it more than anything."
"I strive to become a warrior, to take a step towards my greatness every day. The journey to greatness is a journey of many steps, many thousands of steps, a journey that takes many years. But those with the perseverance to make the journey will succeed. They will not reach the end, for taekwondo is a journey with no end . . . but they will acquire greatness along the way."
"A heart of joy will put many stars into a dark sky."
"I hope you all find as much happiness as I have, and remember: every day, choose to be happy. Choose to truly live, to smile, to cherish the gift that is life. You only life once. Make life amazing."

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