Quotev is a writing and socializing site that many MB'ers are now on.

Known Users: Edit

Feel free to add yours.

Forum username Forum Nickname Quotev Username/Account (please link)
dancebutterfly4 Dancey WorthyDevinateyouwhenshe
merrytsunami24 Hippie Crystal Child

wolfunicorn965 Sky/Skyth skyyy

windprincess8 Kagami Kagami

Perks Edit

Quotev is interesting because of the ability to PM, say whatever you want to without getting banned , and making stories together, with much more advanced options.


Random MBers will sometimes show up and stalk those on it, and it creeps those out who are on it. So if you want to join, make sure you're polite and introduce yourself like a normal person. Most of all, don't beg for friends on there. Let it happen like an adult.