Introduction Edit

Peeta, or boldeagle294, is a T39CMBer who also occasionally posts on the SAMB. His Wattpad is -TheBoyWithTheBread-, and his Fandom account is PeetaLikesBread.

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Appearance Edit

Peeta has ashy blond hair that falls in waves, blue eyes, pale skin, a stocky build, and is medium height.

Stories and Characters Edit

Peeta is writing a story called All Hail The King, which you can find on T39CMB, the SAMB, and Wattpad. The main characters are named Kaden "Kade" Briggs, Ashton "Ash" Briggs, Rose Clarke, Audrey (last name TBD), Jett Knox, and Leah Conway.
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Kaden "Kade" Briggs Edit

Synopsis Edit

Kaden "Kade" Briggs is the newly crowned king of Sicarius at the young age of eighteen. His rule began with his father's tragic murder, and Kaden is bent on war with Caedis, Sicarius' neighbouring country. Kade is convinced that an assassin from Caedis killed his father, and he wants revenge. Will he finally get his vengeance, or will he be convinced that a war isn't the answer?

Personality Edit

Kaden is a hardworking, dedicated person. He puts time and effort into his job, but he blames himself for the death of his father. Kade is often tired but doesn't allow himself to sleep, instead letting himself drown in grief and sorrow. He seems cold and heartless to citizens of Caedis and even several citizens of Sicarius, but to many of the citizens of Caedis, he is a fierce king and merely had the misfortune to receive the office on such awful terms. He only wishes for the best for his kingdom and his family and strongly believes in revenge if people deserve it. He tries to be fair and give equal opportunities to everyone, but he can't always do that.

Appearance Edit

Kaden has dark brown hair in a quiff hairstyle, cold grey eyes, tanned skin, a tall, muscular build, and a strong jawline.
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Ashton "Ash" Briggs Edit

Synopsis Edit

Ashton "Ash" Briggs is the younger brother of Kaden "Kade" Briggs. He is sixteen years old and is the prince of Sicarius. In secret, he writes letters to Rose Clarke, the young queen of Caedis, and courts her. In the end, will Ash side with his brother or his love?

Personality Edit

Rose Clarke Edit

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Audrey Edit

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Jett Knox Edit

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Leah Conway Edit

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Conclusion Edit

Uh, Peeta says bye. Have fun!

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