Nightblaze is an MBer, mostly from the Wings of Fire Forums, though formerly of Infinity Ring and Spirit Animals. She loves to roleplay, read, and she adores precepts. She was once part of the MB family of the Aimables but is now part of her own family, the Solusaecula. She does not mention this in her signature but takes pride in the name.

Appearance Edit

Nightblaze has two forms. She has a human form and and a cat form, but the human form varies in appearance. Two two things that stay the same in her human form are her dark, forest green eyes, and hair with white tips.

Her cat form is a black cat with a dash of white on her chest and forest green eyes.

The Solusaecula Edit

Name Origin The name "Solusaecula" comes from two Latin words, "solus" meaning "lone" and "saecula" meaning "forever." In real life, Nightblaze likes to joke about being forever-alone, which is why she chose the name.

Abilities Edit

The Solusaecula don't have many abilities. In fact, there are only two small ones: being able to have dry humor in just about every situation and oddly sharp hearing.

Known Solusaecula Edit

Nightblaze is the only known Solusaecula - it is unlikely she will let anyone join it.

Ships Edit

She is part of Romanblaze, along with Roman . Neither of them object to the ship-in fact, Nightblaze is on very good terms with him.

Quotes Edit

"Do I ship my own characters? Yes. Do I ship my classmates? Yes. Do I ship my teachers? Yes. I ship everyone." -in a chat on Quotev

Precept of the Day Edit

Nightblaze has a post on the WoFMB she plans to keep going. Every day, it has a new precept. It was started Sunday October 4th, 2015. Here are seven days' worth of precepts.

Sunday October 4th, 2015: "Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth." -Archimedes

Monday October 5th, 2015: "However long the night... the dawn will break." -African proverb

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