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Correctly titled "How to do stuff", the below nine images are intended to give you a crash course for the Scolastica Wikia. If the text is too small to read, click to the full picture link below the picture. If extra stuff needed to be said, that can also be found below the picture. Hopefully, this was helpful, but if you have any other questions, just ask a member on here, or make a blogpost.

Adding a page Edit

Before you make a new page, make sure that one like it doesn't already exist. Also, don't use a page for something that would be better suited for a blog. We don't need a lot of extra pages cluttering up the Scolastica Wikia, so please only make well thought through ones.

Adding an image Edit

On the second page of the image editing mode, you can change the position to left, center, or right. Using the size text boxes on the same page, you can toggle the proportions. The text box and options for the caption is on the first page

Adding an infobox Edit

The offical infobox is called "The (Actual) Offical User Infobox". It's near the bottom of the list.

Adding a header Edit

Linking pages/external links Edit

It might be a little hard to see from the example, but this link works and this one does not. A working external link will be the correct red, and have a blue and white arrow on the right, as is seen here.

Adding/removing categories Edit

If the text in the category bubble is red (as can be seen in Step 3), the category still does work, it just doesn't have a description on the page.

Editing a gallery (1) Edit

Editing a gallery (2) Edit

Editing a gallery (3) Edit

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