Greetings traveler from a far off land! Welcome to the Scholastica Wikia.

I've put together this tutorial-of-sorts to help you get started.

To edit: Edit

-Select the red "edit" button" with a pencil on it, sort of by the title. If you click this, you should be put through to the editor, wherein you can make your changes.

To add a picture: Edit

-Select the second option on the right, on the editing bar on the top. You should be able to add your pictures now.

To add an infobox: Edit

-Select "Insert" and then "Infobox". If you are trying to make a infobox for a MBer, the " " is the one you are looking for. You can also customize your own infobox in the "Add new template" option near the bottom. If you want to go back later and edit it again, click the infobox in editing mode, and you should be redirected to the customise page.

To make a heading: Edit

-Highlight the words you want to make a heading. In the editing bar, there should be something that says "Paragraph". Select that, find the editing option, and click.

To add a link: Edit

-Highlight the thing you want to link (such as a name or reference to an event) and select the option to the right of the italics in the editing bar. You'll need to type in the name of the article that you are trying to link to. The article must exist, otherwise the link will not work. If the link works, the selected text will turn red. If it does not work, the text will still turn red, but a darker shade.

Ex- Link works!/Link does not work.

To add a category: Edit

-Scroll to the bottom of the page [not in editing mode]. There should be a small bar. Type your category into this.

To delete a category: Edit

-Select the icon with the three lines to the left of the cancel button. Select "categories", and a list of all the current ones will pop up. Choose the category you want to delete, and click the small trashcan in the top righthand corner that will pop up when you click the name.

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