Mods and admins are two names for the same thing on the MBs. The SAMB admins include King Keith, aka Keith F., the Royal Steed (or the Spoiler Stopper Llama) Jon Z, Lauren F., and quite a few others. Their job is to moderate the posts on the MBs (though the extent to which they personally monitor posts is unknown) and to ban people (though their decisions have been criticized). The mods also post things in the Urgent Missives section, such as celebrations of book releases and POWS. One can tell when a mod or admin posts due to their blue background on their posts and their customizable profile photographs, showing that they are separate from the MBers. They are supposed to protect the MB and guard it from certain things that happen on the internet, although many MBers have been angry at their lack of help during struggles on the MBs. This may be due to the fact that they are not gods, but merely humans who want the MBers to solve the struggles themselves.

Occasionally, other people who are not mods will have posts in the Urgent Missives. Urgent Missives are sticky posts, which remain on the front page of the SAMB until their status is revoked. The posts will rarely be made by actual MBers, though it is possible, but instead authors of the various book series or the mods themselves. Although the authors who do so are neither mods nor admins, their posts have the same color as them. This has dropped off considerably since the conclusion of the first series, and even then it was rare.