IMG 0907

Happy's mirror selfie

20170410 222433

Icicle's mirror selfie.

Th (23)-0

Tag's mirror selfie

Chance's Mirror Selfie (This shows so much of my face 0-0)

Chance's mirror selfie

IMG 5765-1-

AMBER HAS SIDED WITH THE PAST! 2016 STRIKES AGAIN! trololololol ~amberwolf yes tis me who doesn't care whether Buddy is impressed or not


Buddy's mirror selfie. (YES SAME ONE THAT SOMEBODY DELETED) And Buddy is NOT impressed with Amber. NOPE.

Storm's Mirror Selfie (except she forgot the mirror and the flash)

This is Storm's mirror selfie. Except she forgot the mirror. And the flash.


eris cant take a mirror selfie being a vampire (see how pale she is? i wouldnt put it past her, but somehow she can still show up on camera) that and she doesnt care about her face being on the internet

Mirror selfies are a way to take pictures of yourself without anyone seeing your face. Some SAMB'ers have taken mirror selfies shown in the gallery below.
Waffle's mirror selfie thingy

Waffle's mirror selfie. She seems to have an air of mystery around herself XD.


Bikingsnake23's mirror selfie.

IMG 20170307 180941 104-0

Ever's mirror selfie

Llama mirror selfie

Able's mirror selfie

17-04-08-23-55-07-388 deco

Pizza's mirror selfie

Puppy's Mirror Selfie

Puppy's Mirror Selfie

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