Mayari and Apolaka Lumin are flipsides/a plural system that are also flipsides. When talking, both at the same time, they go by Twilight (so stahp calling us Mayari all the time)

Appearances Edit

Mayari Edit

Eye color: Midnight blue, almond shaped

Hair: Wavy, dark brown with blue highlights.

Skin color: Pale-ish (Asian)

Body: Short, thin, agile.

Clothes: Wears a silver tunic, black knee-length skirt and blue leggings. Wears a dark-blue cloak with silver embroidered designs and black combat boots.

Other: Cloak can turn into crystal dark blue butterfly wings with silver designs.

Apolaka Edit

Eye color: Green, almond shaped

Hair: Straight, dark brown with orange highlights.

Skin color: Dark (Asian)

Body: Short, thin, agile

Clothes: Wears an orange t-shirt under a denim jacket with gold buttons, red leggings, and orange sneakers.

Other: Has large golden dragon wings.

Notable Actions Edit

Mayari joined in November 2015, one of the last SAMBers in the third generation.

A year later, Apolaka walked into Mayari's head and began being a SAMBer (the head no longer only belongs to Mayari)

Mayari opened Flupple, a company that makes electronics. She may open another Flupple Store soon.

Apolaka recently (February 2017) overtook Mayari in making posts. She is the main user of their account now.

Mayari made a skit show in light of the new king of the SAMB and how he was defeated soon after his rule. The thread number is /277249 by the way if you want to read it. This is also the first project that Apolaka helped with.

Personality Edit

Think of them as left-brain, right-brain. Mayari is more analytical and thoughtful, while Apolaka is more fleeting and people-smart. The only difference is that Mayari is shy and more thoughtful, while Apolaka is loud, outgoing, and blunt.

Oh, and Apolaka's slightly psychotic and Mayari is a fangirling nerd. That's important, right?

Backstory Edit



we can't let you in yet

but soon my friend

House Edit

The gang house looks like a mini planetarium in the middle of the forest, with a glass roof that can show whatever it's programmed to show and beige circular walls covered in rainbow glitter. Near the door is a box of fruit chew candy and a sign that says "TAKE ONE ONLY". If you take only one, you'll see an elevator door. Take more than that, and you'll see a doorway where there is none, and you bang your head into the wall.

The house essentially isn't even a house. The elevator is an interdimensional elevator, and each room is as big as a mini planetarium--basically everyone's rooms exist seperately with the elevator doors connecting them.

Quotes Edit

Apolaka Edit




"do you wanna play poke tag"




Mayari Edit

"Whoa whoa whoa chill please."

"If anyone needs my opinion, it's in white ink."


"Apolaka where's your common sense he'll hit you with the Ban Ha--welp. There she goes."

Trivia Edit

  • Apolaka refuses to use sentence conventions.
  • Their nicknames come from a Filipino myth that I would rather not explain, so here's the link. Note that this isn't their backstory, but it will do for a substitute while Mayari's writing it.
  • Apolaka has two spread-out hurgles and two common hurgles. Mayari prefers not to collect them.
  • Apolaka is frequently on the Scholastica Wiki Chat. Mayari is only on if summoned by Apolaka
  • Mayari was the original one on the SAMB, usually only RPing because stories are her strong suit
  • Mayari's first thread was an RP. It's unclear what was Apolaka's first thread on the SAMB, however her first thread ever was on WoF.
  • They both have Mega Evolutions, Nyx and Inferna. However Apolaka has yet to use Inferna.

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