Species Human
Family None
Status Inactive
Quote *Facepalm*
Hobbies facepalming, always being there for people and always being positive and upbeat

AthenaIsis84, AKA Lotus, was a well-known member of the Spirit Animals forum. Her first post was on November 15, 2013. She was known to be depressed, but was also known to have amazing humor. She eventually left the forum due to real life.

Lotus was also the founder of Night Clan, and original leader thereof before leaving the forums.

She was a member of TAP (Triumvirate Alliance of Power) along with three others. Blizz, leader of Dragon Guard, Plat, leader of the Doom Lords, and Cen, the second in command to Night Clan.

Lotus was well known as the *Facepalm* Queen as well.

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