Origin and Location Edit

Lee Oaks

Lee Oaks is apart of the Hunted wallpapeer/background of the SAMB, as of June 2, 2017. He is technically a tree with a vine growing on it, with a fire-fly hovering in front of the tree. Storm discovered him on May 31st, 2017 and made a thread about the mysterious man in the tree. He's in the farthest corner on the left side. You may have to make your window bigger so you can see him.

Appearance Edit

Lee should have had two golden eyes, but it appears one of them have been lost. He is wearing a cap on his head, so we can't really see his hair. Lee seems to be wearing a scarf that covers up most of his face and apart of his shirt/jacket. Lee appears to be sitting on apart of the tree, because we really only see his legs before they disappear into the blackness that is there when the background fades out. If you squint really closely, it appears Lee is doing finger guns towards the viewer, as pointed out by Apolaka. At first Storm thought that the vine was like a shotgun or something for hunting, but now it looks more like a seatbelt of the sorts. We really don't know what the vine is as of June 2nd, 2017.

Personality and Purpose Edit

Not much is known about Lee. He seems to be very mysterious and quiet. Although if he really is giving finger guns, that shows that he is friendly and means no harm to the SAMB.

But if he is meant to protect the SAMB, then what is he protecting us from?

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