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Katana is an anthropomorphic blue-scaled dragon with a crest/mane of red hair, cat/wolf-like ears, red and gold frills, and dark brown horns. Kat does have large brown feathered wings, but Kat is capable of sheathing their wings in their back with magic. Majority of the time, Kat will appear wingless. Since dragons are partially related to dinosaurs, Kat shares some resemblance with the Velociraptor, seeing as they have large raptor-like claws on their feet. They also have prehensile tail with spikes similar to those of a Stegosaurus. They usually can be found wearing a darker blue jacket, a t-shirt, and sweat pants or shorts. Their eyes are emerald green, but they glow gold when emotional.

However, Kat has a second appearance. They have a Multiverse form, which really, is improperly named because it is not confined to the Multiverse. It is debatable whether these two Kats are really the same person or not, but as far as they're concerned, they are. Anyway, in this form, Kat is still looks exactly like their former self. However, their scales are blacker than squid ink at midnight. In fact, their whole body is this dark shade. In this form, their clothes even become darker to where they almost appear as black as the rest of Kat. The two things that stand out on this dark Kat, is their teeth and eyes. The whites of their eyes become pitch black, but the iris becomes diamond shaped, and their pupils are slits. Their teeth, however, glow. They are a brilliantly bright white, but not only that allows them to stand out. When excited or particularly bloodthirsty, Kat's teeth glow an even brighter white.

Basic Info Edit


Personality Edit


Gang Edit


A Few Things Kat Ships Edit

  • Grayana (Gray x Kat)
  • Pripper (Prank x Kipper)
  • Paper (Kipper x Paps)
  • Fourmie (Four x Stormie)
  • Prankbiter (Prank x Arbiter)
  • Midity (Midnight x Verity)
  • Dakia (Dakku x Maria)
  • Insane-ko (Insaney x Moge-ko)
  • Garighty (Gary x Lighty)
  • Valpass (Valkyrie x Compass)
  • Bontrap (Bonnie x Springtrap)

Quotes Edit

"I was going to type lol backwards to have a confusing and mysterious response to that, but then I realized lol backwards is still lol."

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