Kagami is a second-generation SAMBer. Their accounts are athenaemerald194, magicalmusic29, mildfrost1, one other that they forgot, and their current account windprincess8.

Personality Edit

--please note that this is their internet self and not rl--

Kagami is reserved and quiet. Their words are quite concise, and they gets straight to the point. Kagami is an independent person, and likes to do things their way. When working with a group, they will go off and do their own thing, instead of working together. To people, they are polite, yet somewhat coldly so; they don't feel the need to speak more than necessary, and will not follow directions or orders unless they want to. Calm, calculating, and confident in their abilities, dignified, somewhat detached and aloof. When you make them angry, they get angry, and their anger is scary and silent and cold. They will do anything to get you back. With friends, they are still quiet, though more of a shyness issue than their asocial-ness, and is still quite suspicious. Kagami is skeptical and distrustful of everything, and goes through rapid mood swings that will determine whether they are plain silent or glaring at everyone who comes near. Mentally they are a little bit unstable, having at least two unnamed voices in their head and they occasionally hallucinate about people who aren't there. They are emotionally very stable and has a lot of control over their feelings and reactions. Kagami is very respectful and polite, but still detached, around people whom they respect. They look down on most people they consider younger physically or mentally, or below their station, and is quite arrogant. However, they do treasure things dear to them and will sacrifice themself for anything they believe strongly in.

Appearance Edit

--again please note that all this is their internet self--

Dark purple-brown hair either loose or in a ponytail, creamy pale skin. Their eyes are a cloudy, dark purple that reflect nothing, and generally large. Their expression is usually melancholy or looking down. Kagami is skinny with the barest hints of developing curves, looking around 12-13, average height, and with a delicate, slim build. They normally wear Korean hanbok with a white top, a red skirt,and red lining and cuffs, except with gold threads woven in the white and red fabric to make it shimmer. Also, they carry a round mirror about the size of a watermelon.

Powers Edit

Kagami's main power is shifting, that is, the ability to completely deconstruct their own body into the most basic particles and reconstruct it into something different in a matter of moments. This isn't limited to physical objects or organisms- they can also convert themself into energy, like a beam of light, or dependent things(for lack of a better name), like shadows or reflections. They can also create and deconstruct things using the same principles, as long as they have something to work with. Kagami also has teleportation, flight, and extremely enhanced senses, reflexes, and flexibility.

Backstory Edit

(This is a true story about Kagami IRL.)

Ever since they were little, Kagami had been dreaming of an "improved" version of themself. At the time, they were around 8, and with their below-average drawing skills started sketching the figure that would later become their first alternate personality, Pearl.

When IRL Kagami discovered the SAMB and found out about nicknames and this whole new mini-society people had created, they were excited. They could finally become this person she had been dreaming about for so long. They could choose who she wanted to be, how they wanted to act. It was basically a chance to start over a life they were already regretting living.

At first, they stuck with Pearl. But then they discovered more parts of their personality that were part of them, but not Pearl. So, they created Eleanor, the mature one, and Raine, the sassy and bold one. Pearl evolved from a generally improved IRL Kagami into their quiet, studious side. After that, Pear, the realist, and Mey, the childish one, came into existence. By this point, Kagami had already moved on from Pearl as a nickname to Reverie and Revie. After that, not much changed. They discovered text fade and their favorite color became purple. But, they slowly started to change. They became more sad in nature, and because of hormones, salty. They started to settle on an appearance, and became the SAMBer they are now, Kagami-mochi.

Kyoto Edit

Kyoto is Kagami's light side, Kagami being the darker one of the pair.

Appearance Edit

Looks eerily like Kagami’s identical twin, though Kyoto is actually her younger sister. At the same time, identical and the opposite of Kagami. Kyoto looks around 10 or 11. She has short, choppy, dark turquoise blue hair. The style is somewhat like Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star. Her eyes are a cloudy, ominous stormy grayish-blue. Kyoto is somewhat shorter and smaller than Kagami. However, their builds are more or less the same. Kyoto also wears Hanbok like Kagami’s, except royal blue and silver instead of red and gold.

Personality Edit

Almost the opposite of Kagami. Kyoto is outspoken, popular, and social. However, they share some of the same traits: they are both arrogant, demanding, have wild mood swings, and nice to friends.

Powers Edit

Kyoto is also a shifter, and has all the powers that Kagami has. They are always together. When fighting, Kagami is the wielder and Kyoto is the weapon. The most often-used weapon forms, in other words Kagami's favorite weapons, are a double-bladed pike for melee and a giant longbow for ranged combat.

Backstory Edit

Kyoto came into existence when Kagami became the Kagami she is now and completely abandoned her old selves. Instead of her many other alternate personalities, Kyoto was born as Kagami's complete opposite and balancing light side.

Quotes Edit

"I will eat you for lunch ;)"

"Why hello there"

"Damn you"

Trivia Edit

  • Kagami means mirror in Japanese, and mochi is a type of rice cake. Kagami-mochi is a special type of mochi used as a decoration during New Year's festivities in Japan. It consists of a round white mochi on the bottom, a smaller round white mochi on top, and a daidai orange with a leaf on top.
  • Isolde is Reverie's dark side. Both have been reverted to OC status now, but Kagami's many past nicknames and personalities are still present as voices in their head.
  • Kagami has a daughter, though her name and appearance have never been specified. She's usually called Hana or Sora, with pale hair and pink, purple, or red eyes.
  • Kagami's bias is usually the androgynous, silver/white/gray haired one who is most likely to be in a yaoi or yuri ship.
  • Kagami is on Wattpad as EternityZero, their Quotev username is kagamitheviolin, they are on Discord, their DeviantArt username is solo-soloist, and their (public) Instagram account is __missing_in_action__.
  • Kagami's first post on any account was February 29th, 2015. However, they have been playing the game since 2013.
  • If you couldn't tell, Kagami is obsessed with anime.
  • Kagami is proudly South Korean.
  • Their favorite anime is Akatsuki no Yona.
  • Their IRL name is May, and the name they wish they had is Corin.

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