༺Jenna Silvershade༻ Edit

Jenna Silvershade (Jadewolf2493 or Silvertiger521) is a SAMBer. She is a bit of a loner and tends to be a threadghost. She likes books, writing, traveling, music, art, anime, and volleyball. She spends most of her time on the SAMB on roleplaying. She spends most of her time working on her stories and drawing trashy pictures. Her favorite novel by her is Project Sicarius. Links to her books are listed in Trivia.

Some of her fandoms are listed here:

  • The Shadowhunter Chronicles (TMI & TID) (Shadowhunter)
  • The Hunger Games (District 3 Tech)
  • Divergent (Erudite and Dauntless)
  • Harry Potter (Pureblood)
  • Magisterium (Chaos Mage)
  • Star Wars (Sith)
  • Warrior Cats (Thunderclan)
  • Spirit Animals (Redcloak)
  • The Young Elites (Rose Society)
  • Blue Exorcist (Exorcist)
  • Attack of Titan (Survey Corps)
  • Red Queen (Newblood)
  • Fairy Tale (Fairy Tale)
  • Owari no Seraph (Moon Demon Company)

Quotes Edit

"Y'all people are stupid"

"Please shut up"

"I wish. Just close my eyes, pray and make it rain bread" (Discord- Radios-In-Training Server, Sat. June 3, 2016)

"It's not illegal until you're caught," (?)

"I need a cute guy, a gun, and a private place," (Discord- Radios-In-Training Server, Sat. Sept. 2, 2017)

Personality Edit

Jenna is typically pretty chill and normal on the SAMB, on discord she can be a bit more random and spontaneous. She's a true INTJ and aligns as chaotic nuetral. She's typically a very reserved person unless you make her mad. She is extremely good at judging first impressions, in other words, if she meets someone and says they don't seem right, listen. Jenna hides a lot of anger and depression behind a smile and doesn't typically like to talk about it. She's a very good listener and has the forgive but not forget policy nailed. Once you lose her respect you will likely never get it again, and you will never fully regain it. Same goes for her trust.

Whether she shows it or not, Jenna is extremely intelligent though she is extremely forgetful. She is a master of the silent treatment as well as sarcasm. She is also straight, aromantic, and asexual.

If Jenna is cussing, someone has made a very deadly mistake and will likely pay in blood. Jenna also has an affinity with weapons. She is skilled with most bladed types and has sufficient training in hand-to-hand. She's isn't as good with ranged weapons although she used to be extremely accurate with a bow.

Appearance Edit

Jenna is a Chinese mage, she has extremely long black hair with dark purple ombre tips. Her eyes are a dark amethyst purple and are monolided like most Asians. As far as hairstyles go, she changes it to her own desires. However, braids are usually incorporated in somehow. She wears whatever she sees fit. Some of her earlier outfits included a dark gray tank top with a black half skirt and leggings. Now, she typically wears a flowy tank top of whatever color and a black jacket and dark blue skinny jeans. If it's hot she'll wear shorts and ditch the jacket. She also wears lots of Cheongsam style dresses, or more commonly known, traditional Chinese dresses. She wears lots of blacks, grays, silvers, purples, and blues. Her favorite Cheongsam dress is long, black with red dragon designs. The other one she wears a lot is shorter and is dark purple with black rose designs. She has the symbol of the Assassins of the Black Rose on her left shoulder blade.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Jenna is currently aligned with darkness and her newest alignment, fire. This enables her to use pyrokinetic magic as well as umbrakinetic. She also possesses many other shadow type magic skills such as hallucikinesis (illusions), phobikinesi (fear), and odynokinesis (fear). She also is able to use most basic magic skills such as telekinesis and telepathic communication. She has not developed her fire magic near as much as her shadow often resulting in letting her flames get out of control.

As far as weapons go, she was way too many. She has a personal armory for herself and gang/OCs. She always carries around a few of her signature daggers. Her first weapon, a silver longsword named Argentum has since been retired, but she keeps it on display. She has a bit of a fetish for rapiers, katanas, and scythes. Her current main weapon consists of a metal bo staff that can unfold into a scythe. (Much like RWBY weapons) This weapons being fairly new, does not have a name yet. She also likes her sun and moon blades, Tàiyáng and Yuèliàng.

As for her skills, she is an expert liar and manipulator. She knows how to get her way and is not afraid to play dirty. Like mentioned earlier, she is nearly flawless when it comes to bladed weapons. She's not very good with it comes to sports besides fighting. She is also an alleged hacker. Jenna is a fairly skilled writer and artist and really enjoys both.

Backstory Edit

Not much is known about her life, before the SAMB. It has been revealed that she led a group of mercenary assassins known as the Assassins of the Black Rose. She is from a mystic realm known as Kallearia. It has also been hinted that she has a brother known as Rhysand.

Gang/OCs Edit

Jenna uses both as either or.

  • Anthony Cress (OC)
  • Cassandra Silvershade (OC)
  • Adrien/Tristan Silvershade (OC)
  • Alura Nightshade (OC)
  • Cerys Somnium (OC)
  • Kaedyn Imperium (OC)
  • Torstyn Flameshadow (OC)
  • Lysander Akuryō (OC)
  • Luciel Aerav (OC)
  • Rhysand Silvershade (Brother//Gang)

Trivia Edit

  • Jenna started posted around the summer of 2015, but has been active on the game since the beta release.
  • Her two favorite RPs that she's ever been in are Marked and Elemental Children.
  • Her closest friends on the SAMB and or Discord are Icy, Ever, Kagami, and Anti.
  • Her Wattpad is HuaHua04 and can be found here.
  • She has a DeviantArt but can't remember the password.
  • Cassandra Silvershade was her first OC and an alternate personality.
  • Lysander was her first bisexual OC and the first to be part of LGBTQ+.
  • Luciel was her first homosexual (gay) OC.
  • Her Hogwarts house is Slytherin, but she identifies as a SlytherClaw.
  • Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. (She would reveal her Chinese zodiac sign as well but that would give away her age)

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