Jadewolf6928 is a member of the WoFMB. She joined early 2017 and has been active since. She participates in many role plays and fanfic. She is close friends with many formers, including Sapph and Dauntless. Longclaw has multiple more friends. She owns a dog and a cat. She has two black and white dumbo rats. She is a BIG Fanwing and Warrior Cats fanatic. She lives in beautiful Tennessee with a spectacular view of the Smoky Mountains. She accepts all friend request. She takes the title, "Queen of Nighttime" As she loves this time of day. She is part of GvE, ML, LR, and lots of RPs. She is a major Potterhead, being in Slytherin. Her and Shipping A self proclaimed "shipaholic," she loves to ship her characters. Multiple post will feature her saying how "SHIPPY" she is and mentioning in some context that it is going to be a chance for her to ship her characters, and she is currently shipped with SpalshDragon. A few Quotes from a Drama Queen "I'm not crazy, you are and I am just normal so I seem crazy to you." "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" "Having a little sister is like having a little midget dragon that destroys everything it touches." "Ugh, school." "SHIPPY SHIPPY SHIPPY!"


Longclaw is a major Potterhead, and she's in Slytherin.

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