Lolvana is a SAMBer who is currently inactive on the SAMB, however, joins the Wiki chat sometimes if her sister, Maylaka, is around. She is completely random in every way.

Notable Things She Did Edit

She joined in December 2015, around the time her older sister Mayari/Apolaka (Luna at the time) became addicted for the first time.

She changed her name from (actual nickname IRL that I wish not to share) to Ivana around two months after.

She got a gang. Something she wouldn't use very often.

A few months after this, she became inactive.

She turned Llamy, Bobcat's llama, into an overhyped sugar-rushed Nyan Llamy and made it fly laps around the earth while Bobcat clung for dear life (you sadist)

She allowed me to make this.

She officially left on May 29, 2017. However, she is still active on chat sometimes.

She is now Apolaka's backup steed. However, Apolaka thinks it might be a good idea to get a different steed because Vana refuses to go fast despite being capable of going fast.

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