Hippie is, well, a hippie. Nature loving and peaceful, the Wonderlandian prefers to be introverted and lost in thoughts. Though quiet, Hippie loves to be around those who make her comfortable. Hippie believes everyone is an equal, no matter who you are. Hippie is happy and energetic, and when comfortable, very random.

Appearance Edit

Hippie is described to have big, curious, lilac eyes. She has copper tanned skin and is the height of 5'6. Her hair is silky rainbow waves and fringes. Hippie also has freckles. She has a tattoo of a butterfly on her right wrist.

Clothing Edit

Hippie usually wears a white sundress. In her hair, a wild flower is place behind her left and ear. Hippie is usually bare footed.

Hippie was given a crown of wildflowers, with real gold and silver strands tucked into it. This crown, when you wear it, should give you a pair of white, feathery wings that seem to shimmer in the sunlight. You'll also be able to make any flower grow if you so desire by Aerca. *waves to Aerca*

On special occasions, Hippie wears a lilac dress. The dress is knee length and flowy. The dress is simple but formal.

Powers Edit

Hippie has not yet unlocked her powers, due to her bottled up feelings. Is she lets everything go, she can be capable of:

  • Levitation
  • Healing
  • Plant and flower manipulation
  • Light manipulation
  • Butterfly whispering
  • Flying with wings

Weapon Edit

Hippie carries around a staff, though, rarely uses it. This is because she is rarely a fighter and prefers peace. The staff is made of bamboo.


Bianca at five

Gang Edit

Bianca Edit

Bianca is Hippie's daughter, from Blaise and Tulip's baby factory. She has lilac eyes, violet hair, copper skin, and freckles. She wears purple glasses.

Bianca is able to communicate to animals. She loves hedgehogs.


Lucy is a fellow WonderlandIan. She's half bunny and love everyone and everything. She's very pink.

She is oblivious to Kai's crush on her.

Kai Edit

Kai is in his fifth year at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry, he's the descendant of Hufflepuff herself. He loves to read the Quibbler.

He has a crush on Lucy.

Jeanie Edit

Jeanie is the daughter of Raven from Teen Titans and is half demon. Jeanie is pessimistic and doesn't get along with others. Most of the time she's a shadow.

Will Edit

Will is a forest spirit. He can dragonfly whisper and grass grows wherever he steps. He is calm and nurturing. L

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