Heffulf is the opposite of Fluffeh, and her evil side. Like Fluffeh, she is an entity, but there have been no reports of her name bing used to describe something. Her goal is to rid of all Fluffeh, and most recently, to either destroy or get the soul of FrostPi.


There is no real appearance anyone agreed on, but FrostPi imagined her as a tall being with dark black hair and eyes like fire. She wears a cloak over herself, but never wearing her hood.


Fluffeh and Heffulf once lived together in peace, but Fluffeh realized she was too dangerous, causing her to put Heffulf into a deep sleep. Fluffeh herself also slept, until the winter where they both woke up. Heffulf called herself Fluffehwin, and threatened to rid the SAMB of Fluffeh. Later, it was revealed that FrostPi was the 'Fluffehwin' account. 

After that, everyone thought she was just chill and aloof, until she captured FrostPi, telling FrostPi that they had to make a choice: choose Fluffeh, and suffer; choose Heffulf, and live; or refuse to choose and have her demons finish them off. FrostPi chose her, but ended up having to give their soul to Heffulf, which temporarily made them forget everything and only want to live to destroy Fluffeh. Luckily, FrostPi was rescued, and currently, everyone is preparing for battle.


Heffulf has four demons that follow her at her will; Leomoon, Maor, Levetra, and Morrena. FrostPi, giving part of their soul to her could count as a demon. Each demon possess an amulet that gives the wearer powers or the demons the advantage of a physicial form.


Leomoon is the lesser evil of the demons, as well as the second youngest. She had approached Heffulf at a young age, and gave her soul to her for something else which is currently unknown. Her main element is space, her color being dark blue.


The second oldest, Maor had known Morrena in her life as a human. Her elements are the moon and dark magic, and her color being purple.


Known as Vetra in her human life, Levetra lead a group of elves known as the Shadows of Light. She made a deal with Heffulf to give her fire powers in exchange of her becoming a demon when she died. Finally being defeated by FrostPi, she became Levetra, a fire elemental whose main color is orange.


Morrena, being the oldest, was the most evil of the four. Knowing Maor, she had asked Heffulf for love that not even death could take and told her she would give her soul and Maor's soul. She has power over mind and uses the color turquoise.


  • Heffulf is just Fluffeh backwards.
  • Although there are three Fluffeh Masters, there are no known Heffulf Masters.
  • FrostPi popularized the name Heffulf instead of using Fluffehwin.
  • Since Fluffeh is Heffluf's #1 enemy, the Fluffeh masters are the 2nd.

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