or FireSong95, is an MBer who was mainly on the SAMB, though she did occasionally post on IR. She was permabanned and currently resides on a site called Quotev, with the URL @rose24. Harbor's first post was on February 26, 2015. She is the second account of a different one that she abandoned out of shame of her behavior. She is the creator of the Aranya family, consisting of Jane, Wolf, Cole, Lion, and herself. She does have a gang- Lenora the dragon, Emily the cat, Rose the ragdoll kitten, Hunter the komodo dragon (he's her spirit animal), Maple the kitten, Apricot the Brewer's Blackbird chick, Joanie the old cat, and Storm the leopard. She has been permabanned from the SAMB, and was on the very edge of quitting already. She was permabanned for giving out personal information, but she still occasionally checks the SAMB. The only known way to contact her is through Quotev.

Message from Harbor:

Hey, if any of you guys are old friends of mine or just wanna say hi, please message me on Quotev- but mention you're part of the SAMB, please! Otherwise I may not know. So, ah, thank you for reading through this, if you did. I guess... I'll talk to you there, if you go?