Happeh is a forumer on the SAMB and WoF. She is a Canadian 14-year-old high-schooler in grade 9. She is an aspiring writer who ships too many gay ships, eats too much sugar to be healthy, is an avid procrastinator & refuser of exercise and user of large words. She has the link to, and will use, the hat fic, is part of the Phandom & Hamiltrash and describes herself as a "self depreciating narcissist." She is also a d*ck, evident through her use of third person pronouns while writing this page, despite writing about herself. She has a love for YouTube, musicals, all things meta and her life goal is to be a successful writer and Youtuber, although that will be highly unlikely, as she will probably just become a hobo who spends all her money not on drugs, but merch.

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