Hanako (full name Hanako Adachi, aka flasheagle51) is a third-generation SAMBER. She first posted on December 27, 2014 and has been disappearing and reappearing multiple times through her time on the SAMB. She mostly gravitates toward RPs and stories, but will sometimes join discussions.

Personality TraitsEdit

Hanako is seen to be a sort of split personality, changing from cheerful to grim to stoic in a SAMB blink of an eye. She is mostly seen as indecisive, apologetic and calm, but will change to a darker state of mind at any given point. She often blurts things out without thinking, and becomes precise and mature when angered.

SAMB AppearanceEdit

Outside of RPS, Hanako follows one of two character designs, Hanako or her newer version, Hoshiko. Hanako is a lithe person with pale skin, black cat ears and tail and short, brown hair. She has violet eyes and a small nose and mouth. She has red spots on her cheeks. She wears a black hoodie with spades stitched onto the pockets, cutoff shorts and violet, knee-high boots. Although it has never been admitted on the SAMB, Hanako is actually an androgyne that calls herself 'she' to avoid confusion.

Hoshiko has the same shape and hair as Hanako, yet doesn't have the ears or the tail. She wears contact lenses that give her eyes the appearance of being entirely black, sclera included. She wears a black hoodie, similar to Hanako, but has ears and tail attached thho it, or a black uniform shirt with the collar up. She always wears black dress pants and white, floral print sneakers. She wears various bracelets and jewelery on her arms, and her teeth have a jagged outline to them.


Hanako is part of the SAMB band One Soul, at least partially writing the songs in the Clockwork, Save Me, Lily Fields and was the sole author of Black Rose Castle.

Hanako is possibly the only person whose temporary ship with Nutella was not announced.

Her triplets are Sunshine and Callie.


"Oh my..."

"Don't call me Squishy."

"Why do threads die on me? I'm not exactly a thread , maybe more of a thread necromancer/murderer."

Gallery Edit


A version of Hanako/Hoshiko, seemingly a fusion, with red eyes.


An image of Hanako, with her tail replaced by cybernetic wings.


A chibi of Hoshiko with red eyes, seemingly her eye color without contact lenses.

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