MB Spirit Animals
Species Elf
Family The Forjaekkals
Status Active
Quote "Whenever you start drama, everyone dies. The end."
Hobbies Reading

Writing stories Starting things

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FrostPi, formerly known as FrostPi Forjaekkal, is an SAMBer. They started the family called the Forjaekkals. They also are known to exist. They were also part of the warriors conflict. Their username is Pinkpuma175. They created the Scholastica Wiki, and the Tombquest Wiki. They are currently gone because of the anxiety of being harassed.


FrostPi originally had two main appearances, their good form and their evil form. Their good form consisted of brown hair, green eyes, and a lot of green clothes. Their evil form had platinum white hair and yellow eyes with a blue edge when they were wearing Morena's amulet. 


Of the four demons of Heffulf, FrostPi wore the amulets of all of them. At first, they were kind, but soon were corrupted. Don't ask them about Morena, whatever you do. You don't want to know about that.

Alien Life Edit

When a troll vandalized this page, claiming FrostPi was a Martian sent to destroy humanity, they decided to play along with it and caused a whole roleplay that went unfinished. In it, Queen Leopa, the queen of the alternate Mars, wanted FrostPi (with the Martian name Ciste Soic) back, but when they refuse, she captures them and imprisons them on Mars. Note that this was considered a joke and non-canon.

Stories Edit

Currently, FrostPi is working on their entire SAMB fantasy story, titled "I am FrostPi". They have also made a trilogy, called, "The Frugly Trilogy." It is completed. It follows a story where a land of the Frugly - friendly and ugly - are waiting for the help from the Frugly Warrior to defeat the non-Frugly. It is very short.

Quotes Edit

"Whenever you start drama, everybody dies. The End"

"It is amazing about how much we can fall apart when one person threatens to take over and then mysteriously disappears."