The Forjaekkals are a family that was founded by the SAMBer FrostPi. It has been disbanded and will not be ever used.

History Edit

The word "Forjaekkal" is a word in an ancient language, meaning "forgotten". This is true, as FrostPi is one of the Thread s. Long before FrostPi had "founded it", the family did exist, but with the name known as the "Eesn'ir Cyea'naer", which means "chaotic earth" in the same ancient language as mentioned above. They were originally given elemental powers of nature, but times got darker, and they weren't respected anymore. They turned to shadow elementals, from which "chaotic earth" 


Because of a rule that FrostPi made that doesn't allow you to join if you are in multiple families, and you don't leave them, there aren't a lot of members. 


FrostPi is the head of the family, and created this family to have it be for the forgotten.

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