Fluffy Cat is Amberwolf's 'chat buddy'. She was adopted by Amber on 5/28/17 at approximately 4:20 SST and is a very fluffy white cat. Her text is surrounded by ~'s.


Random Info Edit

Fluffy Cat is a bit of a drama queen and is a very playful and immature kitten and she loves playing pranks, hide and seek, tag, and trolling people by teleporting everywhere. When she teleports she curls in a fluffball, poofs her fur to be more fluffy, and when she teleports a bunch of fluffy sprinkles explode and swirl everywhere, making you unable to see Fluffy Cat's previous location. When the rainbow sprinkles fall to the ground and stop swirling everywhere and getting in yo face Fluffy Cat is gone.

If you somehow manage to see through the sprinkles you will find a sm0l orb of water, hovering a few inches above the ground, that shows you Fluffy Cat's destination, which will also have sprinkles erupting everywhere upon arrival. During that time, Fluffy Cat slinks away, using the much larger poof of sprinkles to disguise her escape.

She can only teleport to places within eyesight, or a place that she has been to before, except it still has to be within a half-mile radius. She can teleport upwards, only if there is somewhere to go like a tree, or underground, but only if there is room for her, and underwater.

She loves cupcakes and sprinkles so that's one way to lure her. She loves making cupcakes and cake too.

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