Fluffehtokens Edit

Fluffehtokens are the SAMB's current currency. The idea's inventor is unknown although two things about how it was invented is known. The Fluffehtokens was invented when the SAMB was considered to be "Fluffeh" and Fluffeh was normal. Fluffehtokens was a mix of the name Greenheart Tokens and Fluffeh combined.

Uses of Fluffehtokens Edit

Fluffehtokens weren't as popular when it was first invented but now is used for many things.These things include:

  • Purchases that SAMBers make
  • Bounties (Syalla does this)
  • Just for randomness and Fluffehness!

Trivia Edit

  • Syalla was the one of the first known person to put Fluffehtokens in action. She says that it wasn't her idea, though.
  • Fluffehtokens have been around for a while and are only starting to gain popularity.