Firework (azurelightning71) is a fourth-gen SAMBer. She originally went on WoFMB, but she joined the SAMB as a part-time SAMBer on June 27th, 2016, on an alternate account. On August 2nd, Firework joined the SAMB on her main account. Firework isn't the most well-known SAMBer, and she has had a total of eleven nicknames. Once, she made a forum family, the Lazulis, but Firework is the only member. Firework's forum titles are the queen of changing nicknames, queen of cinnamon rolls (the characters and the food), and the forum cousin (formerly forum outdoor cat).

Personality Edit

Firework often struggles to be well-known - she even "invented" vibrantt, which was essentially fluffeh except less original. However, Firework also tries hard not to do things like this, but her attempts aren't always successful. Firework is very passionate about her opinions, and although she also tries to control this, she often loses control during flame wars. Firework almost constantly changes things about her SAMB self - her font, text color, gang, nickname, signature, even her account.

Likes Edit

Star Wars, Hamilton, Spirit Animals, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Waterfire Saga, Studio C, ViHart, Wings of Fire

Dislikes Edit

Anything-ism, anything-phobia (hate, not fear), urban legends, condescending people, being unnoticed, School for Good and Evil