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Ever After Historia-Essanieraen Butterflydusk44, is a SAMBer who's currently a student and very professional idiot. Ever joined on April 26, 2016, and became an active SAMBer during September of that year. She is the ruler of lies, spite, and conspiracy theories. Her twin is Pizza, to the Essanieraen and the Historia family. (Who's an amazing child of Hades may I just add here) (<How to be Bob 101)



She has a strange obsession with stop signs and no one knows why.

Aturya&#039;s Picture

Ever, but like, SAMB style

She has pledged to be a nicer person, so we'll see how that works out.

Currently, she is alive.

Personality and Stuff Edit

Pretty chill until she gives a speech. Emotionally and mentally stable. Steals Ryan Higa's humour and makes it humourless. Ever is a Lawful Neutral, a Slytherclaw, a daughter of Hermes (personality-wise), and an INTJ-A. You can also learn more about her by actually meeting her.

Her SAMB back story is on a thread. Her SAMB look is right there.

Quotes Edit

"siblings, the refrigerator"

"like heck I am"

"shut the up"

"Have a nice day."

"Nice socks."

"Do not you dare."


Fandoms/Other Websites You Can Stalk Her On Edit


This is THE fandom I obsess over, because it's just perfect. There's so much emotion- especially hate- in this series, and that's what makes it THE best series I have ever read. It's so funny and sad, but mostly angry. It makes you angry at the parents, at the government, and sometimes even Connor himself. The characters are real; they have real emotions and they think in a realistic way. Hayden Upchurch is probably my favourite character, in case you haven't noticed.

-Challenger Deep

This has no fandom, but it's a beautiful work of art, and I recommend reading this because it shows the life of a schizophrenic boy doing everyday tasks. This was also written by Neal Shusterman, whose son- Brenden Shusterman- had schizophrenia. 

-Spirit Animals

I've been reading SA since the September of 2013, and it was always the book series I had the most interest in, hence the book collecting. Although it can be cheesy at times, like the whole book three was, it's still a good pick, if you like fantasy and action. Rollan is my favourite character, probably because I can relate to him the most.

-Raven Cycle

Maggie Stiefvater is a genius, 


Another one by Neal Shusterman. This fandom is basically empty and half dead (wink wink), but it's still a good read. However, the ending made me die on the inside for various reasons, so that's just a heads up.

-Thirteen Reasons Why

I do not recommend this for anyone who is suicidal, as it doesn't really help with that situation- contradicting to what the producers say. Honestly, it's just a show, nothing more, as it isn't really realistic, but more of a twisted, tragic, teen drama. It does include some explicit scenes, as it is recommended for people aged 16+. (Which I am not.) One thing it did get right is how people change people. Of course, you know that, but it shows the way people react after a girl kills herself. Every action has a reaction. It also tells you to be nicer, but come on. How many people are going to follow that advice? Oh yeah, in case you didn't notice, my favourite character is Alex Standall.


To be honest, this show is sort of cheesy, now that I realize it. 


This thing is okay.

-Run River North

Dude, I'm obsessed. Their music actually has meaning.

Wattpad: @EverAfterHistoria

Fanfiction: @Evergreendusk

Discord: Evergreen (ask me for the user number)

Tumblr: She has deleted the app and will not be on for another couple of centuries, so just you wait.

Ships and shipped Edit




Is shipped with Anti in the ship "Eventi", which recently became canon.

Other/Trivia Edit

  • She decided to call Storm "South West". This is because of Storm's nickname "Stormy Wormy", and the initials are SW.
  • Despite being scared of worms, Ever likes gummy worms.
  • She is Canadian, and is probably converted into the cult of Canadianism by Hippie and Anti.
  • She is constantly stalking Ayce.
  • she no longer uses perfect punctuation
  • Ever has voluntary nystagmus, meaning she can vibrate her eyes.
  • She's Protestant Christian, although she still supports LGBTQ+.
  • She feels sophisticated for using the word "trivia".

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