Eve (640x400)

Eagledragon1343, better known as Eve, is an MBer native to the SAMB. Her first post was November 17, 2013. Eve tends to be on again/off again, and gets random bursts of motivation to be an active SAMBer that can disappear for months at a time. She hasn't officially left the SAMB, though.

Eve is yet another MBer with Discord. Her username is eve#0352.

Trivia Edit

  • Eve lives in Montana, USA.
  • Eve's birthday is September 4th.
  • Eve is in the 8th grade.
  • Eve is left-handed.
  • Eve is a Virgo.
  • Eve is a Russian-American, who can barely speak any Russian. Pathetic.
  • Eve has Tumblr. Her URL is justyouraverageeverydayfangirl if you're interested.
  • Eve also has Instagram and Snapchat. Ask if you're interested.
  • and discord