deviantArt, often shortened to just dA or DA is a free art-sharing site that many MBers use. On deviantArt, you can post journals, writings, art, and polls.

Known Users Edit

Forum Username Forum Nickname Deviantart name (include link, if possible)
Artkitten320 Icicle Icicle-the-Pineapple
Eagledragon2361 Bobcat Bobcat2361
Raptor Utahraptor12
Stargazer DarthComet
Kira spillmanjulia
amberbutterfly669 Amberwolf AmberwolfRebellious
Sandstorm SandstormTheCG
windprincess8 Kagami solo-soloist
tigerpegasus416 Tiger Tigerpegasus416

Perks Edit

The ability to freely share creations, PM, say essentially anything you'd like, as well as forming special groups and chats that can be moderated.

Downsides Edit

It is possible to be harassed or randomly followed on dA, and many people troll or insult others.