Conflicts are defined by all of the following characteristics.

- lasted less than a week

- divided only some of the MB (division may be measured by either one post staying in the top 3 consistently or many posts in that topic having the majority of the space available)

- caused less than five people to be banned, talk about leaving, or leave

- was stated to have been an RP, explicitly or not as much

- did not change an MB's culture

If two or less of the criteria apply and you have certified that the event is not a war, then you have a minor drama. If the event meets some or all of the criteria, you have a conflict. Some examples are the Samurai conflict, the Fluffehwin v. Fluffeh conflict, and the Skywalker conflict. The ongoing conflicts between the SAMB and the WOFMB aren't wars, rather they are the result of rash people taking offense to a fellow MB.