Pharaoh Cleopatra Lupus Hopewell Essanieraen Historia the II, Queen of Snow Leopards, Egyptian Mythology and Mirror Selfies, Goddess of Phoenicats, and Inventor of the Double Smiley Face (known to most as "Cleo") is an SAMBer. She joined The 39 Clues MB in February 2013, and a year later, joined the SAMB in February 2014 and since then, has had four accounts. They include; phoenixcloudburst119, evildragon363, hunterwolf85 and hunterwolf130. She is still currently active, but doesn't find much time in her busy schedule to post.

Cleo is of British-Australian-Thai heritage, but has feint French and German roots. She is a legal citizen of Australia and speaks English, a bit of German and can write and read Japanese. She's an ENFJ personality type, a Slytherin, a Lucian, a daughter of Nike, a Lawful Neutral personality type and her zodiac is Aries.

Cleo has a flipside, Hernando. Hernando is a plumber who lives in the Vatican City. He speaks Italian and uses capital letters, unlike Cleo. You can tell them apart by the way they type, no need for any eye blinding colours, thank you very much.

Usually found role-playing, ranting or just being strange, Cleo's natural habitat appears to be the SAMB, but she often uses Discord or Instagram to communicate with some SAMBers.

She loves to create memes in her spare time. Her meme collection astounds most people in its sheer dank beauty.

When the rise of the "My Honest Opinion of You" threads came about in November 2016, Cleo was described as creative, mature and humorous... not to mention a potato.

Cleo hates conflict, she describes it as "very childish" and is known to shy away from it, often posting threads describing her leave of the forums. She finds her haven on WoF.

An SAMBer told her that if she was an animal, she'd be a Persian Cat. saying that "You like to be surrounded by others, they don't bother you. You're calm and chill about most things. You care about those you trust."

Her in-game clan is called Sass Squad, a fun group for all, no matter if they have zero gaming experience. It's okay! Cleo sucks at the game too.

MB History Edit

Cleo has been active on the SAMB for a while. She originally signed up to play the game, but once she found the forums, she became an MBer. She officially became an SAMBer at 6:43pm in the summer of December 23, 2014.

A successful RP of hers was the "Elemental Phoenixes RP". It sparked many sequels, reboots and spin-offs, and was almost the driving force behind all the Elemental madness that went on. Cleo is the unofficial creator of the Elemental-style RP.

In October 2016, Cleo was one of the MBers targeted in the "Ken drama", with a troll who called himself Ken threatening to arrest her, lock her in jail and even mince and eat her. Other MBers targeted include Pizza, Destiny, Ever etc.

SAMB Family members Edit

Cleo is a family member of the Hopewells, the Essanieraens and the Historias. Members of these families can be found on their pages.

Family members Edit

Known members of Cleo's huge, ancient and long-deceased family are hard to find, but historians have found evidence that points to a few.

Powers, Weapons and Skills Edit

Cleo has many unnatural abilities, judging by the fact that she is considerably weird.

  • Lie detection. Cleo's lie detection was inherited through her royal bloodline, who were all pharaohs and queens.
  • Sarcasm detection
  • The Sassy Fingersnap That'll Knock You Out Cold. Cleo's signature sassy move and magical mojo is her Sassy Fingersnap. As soon as she clicks her fingers in someone's face, they are knocked out cold. This can only work on people within a one square metre radius of Cleo.

She has one official weapon, a gold-handled, brass bladed scythe called Osiris. It has an Egyptian wing design down one side of the blade and scarab designs down the other.

Media Appearances Edit

Cleo is in the star of the anime television show Cleo in the House. It is a variation of the other popular anime Cory in the House.

Cleo's Personal Shitlist Edit

Mutual hate goes to:

  • Ayana, a Discord bot.
  • Ken, the SAMB troll
  • New Zealanders

Gang Edit

Lux Edit

Lux is Cleo's grumpy, annoying and sometimes sassy Snow Leopard SA. She always disapproves of everything that Cleo does, but can be very protective of the gang when she has to. Lux likes to see herself as the leader, and in typical cat-like fashion, believes that Cleo is her human pet. Lux's fur is blue-grey tinged, and her eyes are sky blue.

the rest of the gang is dead until further notice

Quotes Edit

"If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were stranded on a desert island, who would survive? America. America would survive."

"Just try not to be blinded, mmkay?"

"And suddenly, FrostPi is sucked into the black hole that is MBer shipping."


"Everyone's like "wow love skinny jeans" and here I am in my torn up baggy boyfriend jeans."


"I'm one of those "goes to bed at 11:45 and wakes up at 6:00" people."

"*puts down a little gravestone*"

"You can't get rid of hormones."


Trivia Edit

  • Cleo has the same birthday as Jackie Chan.
  • Cleo is ambidextrous.
  • When she was nine, she fell over and her tooth cracked in half. It was put back on with dental glue.
  • Cleo created the original Elemental Phoenixes RP, which spanned 21 pages on the original, then ended up with many spin-offs, sequels and Cleo receives zero credit these days about the Elemental-style role plays. Oh well. (find it at if you must)
  • Cleo is queen of the mirror selfies.

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