Pharaoh Cleopatra Lupus Hopewell Essanieraen Historia the II, Queen of Snow Leopards and Egyptian Mythology, Goddess of Phoenicats, Leader of RiverClan and Inventor of the Double Smiley Face (known to most as "Cleo") is an SAMBer. She joined The 39 Clues MB in February 2013, and a year later, joined the SAMB in February 2014 and since then, has had four accounts. They include; phoenixcloudburst119, evildragon363, hunterwolf85 and hunterwolf130. She is still currently active, but doesn't find much time in her busy schedule to post. Cleo is of British-Australian-Thai heritage.

She's an ENFJ personality type, a proud as punch Slytherin, a Lucian, a daughter of Nike, and her zodiac is Aries.

Usually found role-playing, ranting or crying in corner, Cleo's natural habitat appears to be the SAMB, but she sometimes can be found residing on the WoFMB, which she quite enjoys.

When the rise of the "My Honest Opinion of You" threads came about in November 2016, Cleo was described as creative, mature and humorous... not to mention a potato.

Cleo hates conflict, she describes it as "very childish" and is known to shy away from it, often posting threads describing her leave of the forums. She finds her haven on WoF.

An SAMBer told her that if she was an animal, she'd be a Persian Cat. saying that "You like to be surrounded by others, they don't bother you. You're calm and chill about most things. You care about those you trust."

Her in-game clan is called Sass Squad, a fun group for all, no matter if they have zero gaming experience. It's okay! Cleo sucks at the game too.

Cleo's Clothing Edit

Cleo's clothing

MB History Edit

Cleo has been active on the SAMB for a while. She originally signed up to play the game, but once she found the forums, she became an MBer. She officially became an SAMBer at 6:43pm in the summer of December 23, 2014.

A successful RP of hers was the "Elemental Phoenixes RP". It sparked many sequels, reboots and spin-offs, and was almost the driving force behind all the Elemental madness that went on. Cleo is the unofficial creator of the Elemental-style RP.

In October 2016, Cleo was one of the MBers targeted in the "Ken drama", with a troll who called himself Ken threatening to arrest her, lock her in jail and even mince and eat her. Other MBers targeted include Pizza, Destiny, Ever etc.

SAMB Family members Edit

Cleo is a family member of the Hopewells, the Essanieraens and the Historias. Members of these families can be found on their pages.

Family members Edit

Known members of Cleo's huge, ancient and long-deceased family are hard to find, but historians have found evidence that points to a few.

Unnatural Abilities and Powers Edit


Her cat form, looking undeniably sassy

Cleo has many unnatural abilities, judging by the fact that she is considerably weird.

  • Shifting into black Egyptian-style cat with a golden collar. The cat was called a "pet" back at the palace because everyone was too stupid to realise it was actually Cleo.
  • Lie detection. Cleo's lie detection was inherited through her royal bloodline, who were all pharaohs and queens.
  • Sarcasm detection. Not even Zeus can tell where this power came from, but it sure comes in handy sometimes.
  • Air elemental powers. They're just cool, and hey, they make Cleo seem like a ninja!
  • The Sassy Fingersnap That'll Knock You Out Cold. Cleo's signature sassy move and magical mojo is her Sassy Fingersnap. As soon as she clicks her fingers in someone's face, they are knocked out cold. This comes in handy A LOT and Cleo considers herself to be the only SAMBer with this power.

Outfits/Appearances Edit

Enemies Edit

Exactly who wants Cleo, and why:

  • Karani, who wants Cleo dead because there's a bit of bad blood between them.
  • That dang Egyptian murderer!
  • Olvan, who wants Cleo punished for hoarding coffee. Hey, she needs it to survive!
  • Jabba the Hutt, who wants to enslave Cleo. This feud goes back.. waaaay back.
  • Ayana, a Discord bot who Cleo perpetually tortured and roasted and caused chaos against.

Gang Edit

Lux Edit

Lux is Cleo's grumpy, annoying and sometimes sassy Snow Leopard SA. She always disapproves of everything that Cleo does, but can be very protective of the gang when she has to. Lux likes to see herself as the leader, and in typical cat-like fashion, believes that Cleo is her human pet. Lux's fur is blue-grey tinged, and her eyes are sky blue.

Karani Edit

Karani is Cleo's mortal enemy, but not exactly her dark side. She is immortal. Karani has been medically tested, and is confirmed to be totally evil. She's always scheming and planning, aided by her faithful assistant and secret admirer Natalie. Despite being evil, Karani is fan of Beethoven, and can play "Tocata and Fugue in D Minor" on the piano with great skill.

Natalie Edit

Natalie is Karani's faithful... er... assistant and secret admirer. Natalie is lesbian, and everybody knows this except Karani, who does not pay attention to her servant, nor does she really care. Natalie is a nice person, but always has to work for Karani which is a downer for her. Natalie always calls Karani "boss". Even though she works for someone who is evil, Natalie is not evil herself, and is even sometimes nice to the other gang members.

Bella Edit

Bella Bannister is a seemingly regular girl who enjoys hanging out with Wilhelmina in her desperate quest to "be magical". She sadly will never achieve this goal because, in truth, Bella is just a girl who likes eating donuts. Bella does however have a few talents, she is an excellent cook, can tie all sorts of handy knots and can play the clarinet. Bella has fair skin, strawberry blond hair tied in a plait, freckles, and wears all sorts of outfits, but they are always complemented with her trusty Adidas Superstars.

Angelique Edit

Angelique "Angie" Flerue is a very beautiful girl of Chinese-French origin who has the uncanny power of summoning white fire to her fingertips. She is a close friend of Cleo. Angelique is a very friendly girl who is easy to get along with, but she despises Lux, and absolutely cannot stand the snow leopard's sassy comments on practically everything. Angelique is shipped with Cade. (Cangie)

Cade Edit

Cade is Eugene's younger brother. His power is flight, he has two enormous white feathered wings which he flies around with. He personally cannot STAND his brother Eugene and often denies he is even related to him. Eugene doesn't really care though. Cade is shipped to Angelique. (Cangie)

Tina Edit

Tina is the youngest in the gang, and one Cleo's friends, but that doesn't stop her from speaking out. Tina's power is shapeshifting into a white crane. She is very optismistic and adventurous, and Lux states that Tina is her mortal enemy, but Tina says that Lux is wrong, and her only mortal enemy is fear itself. Tina is not shipped to anyone. She was loosely based off the character Tina from the animated sitcom Bob's Burgers.

Wilhelmina Edit

Wilhelmina is a girl who is based of the character from "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom", and is a beautiful, dreamy enchantress. She has the power to make huge lightning bolts and potentially kill someone, but she is always too interested in getting her makeup right or keeping her nails in check. She isn't shipped to anyone, but is always trying to impress Eugene even though he is openly asexual. The ship "Wilgene" is an inside joke -- do not take it literally.

Eugene Edit

Eugene is Cade's older brother and is a rude, cynical and dark kind of person. He is openly asexual. Eugene is very negative and never supports anybody's ideas, making him a disliked member of the gang. Being Cade's older brother, he has black wings almost identical to Cade's, except his are much bigger. Eugene will probably never be in a relationship.

Samira Edit

Samira is a very excitable and fun girl who is always open and positive and a friend to everyone, even Eugene. She is a Greencloak, and her spirit animal is an otter. Samira is always ready for adventure and carries and first aid kit wherever she goes. Samira wants to explore the world one day, but is bound to the SAMB for life, as she is a gang member.

Quotes Edit

"If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were stranded on a desert island, who would survive? America. America would survive."

"Just try not to be blinded, mmkay?"

"And suddenly, FrostPi is sucked into the black hole that is MBer shipping."


"Everyone's like "wow love skinny jeans" and here I am in my torn up baggy boyfriend jeans."


"I'm one of those "goes to bed at 11:45 and wakes up at 6:00" people."

"*puts down a little gravestone*"

"You can't get rid of hormones."


Trivia Edit

  • Cleo has the same birthday as Jackie Chan.
  • Cleo is ambidextrous.
  • When she was nine, she fell over and her tooth cracked in half. It was put back on with dental glue.
  • Cleo hates/hides from forum conflict.
  • Cleo created the original Elemental Phoenixes RP, which spanned 21 pages on the original, then ended up with many spin-offs, sequels and Cleo receives zero credit these days about the Elemental-style role plays. Oh well. (find it at if you must)
  • Cleo is queen of the mirror selfies.

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